Welcome, Skidmark!

  • When: 08/31/17
  • QIC: Chef Tell
  • The PAX: ET, Griswold, Horny Toad, John Boy, Mothman, Rambler

Two PAX met to know the darkness for 0430 XL ruck. 4 miles at sub 15:00 pace. YHC was feeling the burn, but good company pushed me through (thanks, Rambler). Calling all PAX to get out and get some of the rucking action.


Seven PAX for the main event. Meet in Woods Charter parking lot at 0530. Haul gear to the field. Time to get after it.



SSH in cadence x20

Merkins in cadence x15

Air squats in cadence x10


Big shout out to ET for his contributions to AMRAP. ET salvaged and modified an abandoned heavy AF truck tire, that is now the official mascot of AMRAP. Welcome, Skidmark! The Pax were warned of Skidmark’s presence last night on Slack, but we did not know what we were in for. Picture this: big ass tire, bolts attached to tire, straps attached to bolts, waist belt attached to straps. Mount up. Get some.


The Thang:

AMRAP strength circuit consisting of Skidmark pulls, Sledgehammer + tractor tire, 2X >100# farmer carry handles, Olympic bar 95#, battle ropes, miscellaneous coupons (50#, 105#), cinder blocks, and more.


Round 1: AMRAP 45 seconds, then rotate

Recovery merkin pyramid 1…10…1


Round 2: AMRAP 30 seconds, then rotate

Recovery merking pyramid 1…5…1


Round 3: AMRAP 20 seconds, then rotate






CORA Third F opportunity. See CORA Slack channel for more details.


YHC encouraged the PAX to join in the EC rucks. We are now routinely launching 0430 rucks (3-4 miles). This is a great time for Second F. You will also get stronger by rucking. It’s a win-win opportunity.  


ET closed us out with prayers of gratitude for our many blessings, physical health, and mental fortitude. Let us use the gifts we have been given to better the lives of those around us.


As always, it was an honor to lead you men this morning.



Chef Tell

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