A thing or two to do on a Monday morning

January 28, 2019

WHEN: 01/28/2019
PAX: Dogwood, Elwood, Foghorn Leghorn, Slug, Uzi, Right Swipe, Dean Wormer, Appomattox, Nightshift, Blackball, Aujus, Shooter, Champ, TB

YHC has been doing F3 for a year now (well, technically, a year tomorrow) and Kenan was my first post. So, picking up the Q seemed only fitting. My only real goal for the workout was to keep moving…

Warmup: Side shuffle hops (20), Burpees (5), Imperial Walkers (10), Burpees (5), Willie Mays Hayes (10), Burpees (5)

The PAX moseyed to the Kenan stadium entrance near the Bell Tower parking deck and the little outdoor amphitheater. PAX grabbed some wall for an AMRAP circuit: 8 minutes of cycling between merkins (20 reps), step ups (20 reps), dips (20 reps), and jump squats (20 reps). As many cycles as each could do.

Then the PAX moseyed to the Bell Tower parking deck. Starting on the bottom level the PAX sprinted up the first incline, bear crawled the next incline, and then SSH until all PAX caught up. Then another sprint, another bear crawl, more SSH. Repeat and repeat until we reached the top of the deck.

PAX spread out at the very top of the deck and did Usain Bolts down the last incline and back. A variety of workouts were called including burpees, flutter kicks, Russian Hammers, LBCs, Heels to Heaven, diamond merkins, squats, high/low plank holds, Makhtar N’Diayes, and a few more YHC can’t remember at the moment.

After each PAX had a turn, it was time to mosey back to the AO. Arriving with about a minute left was perfect for a bit of low plank hold.


My M is facing some likely job instability in the near future. Thoughts and prayers that either things get figured out in her current position, or for a swift and fruitful search for a new job.

F3 has been a pretty powerful force for personal change in my life over the past year. Not only has it had physical benefits, but it has also helped me become a more disciplined person in much of the rest of my life. Ultimately, though, I’ve come to realize that what keeps me coming out morning after morning is the fellowship. This is a truly exceptional group of guys, a great model for brotherhood in our day. The spirit of the group constantly reminds me of the motto of the all-boys Jesuit high school I attended: Men for Others. It’s a fitting motto for the best in F3. I am grateful every day I am able to get out there in the gloom with you fine gentlemen.

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