Oh, to be 28 again…

January 29, 2019

WHEN: 01/28/2019
QIC: Closer
PAX: Bright Idea, Chum, Zook, Cricket, John Boy, GTL, Nitro (Respect!), Stubbs, Duplo, Petri, Brotox, Toonces, Skynyrd, I.C.E

YHC decided to keep the PAX guessing why most of today’s exercises were done in 28 reps. Everyone was pretty sure it wasn’t my 28th birthday, so the group seemed to be at a loss about the number’s significance. Finally, I believe it was Stubbs that finally figured out it was today’s date. Keeping it simple folks.    

Warm Up

  • Stretching!
  • SSH (IC x28)
  • Imperial Walker (IC x28)

Main Event

Mosey to the gazebo. After counting off in 2s to divide the group in half, we started a series of “rounds,” which include a cardio, strength and core component.

1st Round

  • High Knees x28
  • Dips & Derkins x28
  • WW2s x28


Mosey to the playground

2nd Round

  • Mountain Climbers x28
  • Pull-ups & Burpees x14
  • Bows ‘n Toes x28


Mosey to the tables behind Wood’s

3rd Round

  • Step-Ups x28
  • Merkins x28
  • LBCs x28


Mosey to the brick pile to grab two bricks for a quick arms workout. For some reason, the PAX really seemed to enjoy “driving the bus” without power steering, so I decided to repeat that movement.

Mosey back to the parking lot for 2 rounds of sprints + Bernie Sanders. Group #1 would have won if some hadn’t jumped the gun… just sayin’.


  • Flutter Kicks x28ish
  • Boat/Canoe x28ish
  • Merkin Ring of Fire x3 each
  • Stretching!


  • Next 2nd F will be at Town Hall Burger & Beer at 7:30pm on 2/4
  • Pathfinder starting up 2/1-4/30… details on Slack
  • The Gambler II CSAUP will be on 4/6 starting at 7:30am… details on Slack


Take care of yourselves. Take care of each other.

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