A Holiday Affair In the Park

December 4, 2019

WHEN: December 4, 2019
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Splashback, Duplo, Dr. Phil, Zoltec, Marky Mark, Stubbs, Stinky Pete, Brotox, Bright Idea, Petri
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Warm-up: SSH 25; Arm Circles, 15, Merkins 15

Run to the Park (closest to The Wall) included Holiday Rules: Merkins at a couple of decorated homes; no one returned our holiday greetings; we ran backwards; performed butt kickers; and did some side shuffles on our way to the park

The Main Event: Wheel barrows with a partner; 30 plank jacks afterwards; the next partner wheel barrowed to the trellis where performed 30 mountain climbers in two sets of 15

Curb to Curb: 30 dry docks followed by broad jumping to the next curb (across ) then 30 supermans

30 derkins then crab crawl back to the other curb to perform 30 star jacks

30 plank to pushup in 2 sets of 15 with a zombie crawl back to the other curb, where we finished with jump 30 jump squats

Back to AO: Ricky Bobby

Mary: Combination move that included heals to heaven (hip raises) and flutter kicks)

Announcements: Christmas Party on the 22nd in the Club House; Stinky Pete discussed interest in a group Bible Study; Brotox discussed signing up for Q’s in the New Year (2020)

Wisdom: I discussed my impression of finalizing my 30s and moving onto my 40s; and looking forward to doing so with F3 for a very longtime