Even More Coco Jesus

  • When: 07/28/17
  • QIC: Coco
  • The PAX: 2Ply, PBR, Misery, Juco, Peppermint Patty, Striker, The Snowman, Foot Fault, Tuco, Elf, Panini, Prefontaine, Shovel, Moore, Bushwood, MLP, Pedialyte, Tugboat, Assisi, Coco, Dysentery (FNG), Choo Choo, Doogie.


3 EC ruckers took a short stroll through The Falcon grounds and the surrounding  neighborhood hills.
While cruising through the Falcon parking lot, we noticed some chalk graffiti on the ground evidently left behind by kids loitering early into the morning hours.  Interestingly, the markings seemed to indicate some suspicious workout routine.  The words were:

Jump Squats
BWS (Body Weight Squats)
SEAL claps
Bicep Curls
Bent Over Rows
KB Swings
Sandbag Press

Since the writing was on the wall, err… ground, we chose to use the pre-marked graffiti in our goal of crushing 100 reps of as many of the listed exercises as possible. Between each set of 100 reps; run a prescribed route (approx. ¼ mile) before launching into your next chosen exercise.

The Warm Up
SSH (x100 IC) – Everyone immediately gained entry to the Century Club
BWS (x10 IC)
Arm Circles (Fwd x10 IC; Rev x10 IC)

The Thang
With certainly a few errors (due to chalk-code decryption challenges), the approx. tally from this AM is listed below.  (Shoot me a note with any corrections. I’ll gladly update).   The PAX below completed 100 reps of each exercise.

Assisi:  Sandbag press, Flutters, KB swings, Bent Over Row, Merkins,  BWS, SEAL claps
Moore: American Hammers, KB swings, Bent Over Row, Merkins, BWS, SEAL claps
Pedialyte: Burpees, American Hammers, KB swings, Jump squats,
MLP: American Hammers, WWIIs, SEAL claps, Burpees, Fluttes, Sandbag presses
Peppermint Patty: Flutters, American Hammers, Burpees, Merkins
The Snowman: Flutters, American Hammers, Jump squats, BWS, Sandbag presses, Bicep curls
Dysentery: American Hammers, SEAL claps, WWIIs, Bent Over Row, Burpees
Coco: Burpees, Flutters, Bicep curls, BWS, SEAL claps
Misery: Burpees, American Hammers, Sandbag press, Bent Over Row, Merkins
Prefontaine: Burpees, SEAL claps, American Hammers, Flutters, Sandbag press
Tuco: Bent Over Row, Bicep curls, BWS, Jump squats, SEAL claps
Panini:WWIIs, Bent Over Row, SEAL  claps,
Shovel: Sandbag Press, Bent Over Row, Bicep curls, Merkins, Shovel,
Striker: BWS, Jump squats, SEAL claps American Hammers
Juco: WWIIs, KB swings, Bicep curls, Burpees,
Tugboat:  American Hammers, BWS, Bicep curls, Merkins
Bushwood: American Hammers, Sandbag Press, Burpees, Bicep curls, Merkins
Doogie: Flutters, KB swings, Bent Over Row, Burpees, BWS
FootFault: Burpees, Bent Over Row, SEAL claps
Elf: Flutters, American Hammers, Sandbag Press, Burpees
ChooChoo: Flutters, American Hammers, WWIIs,
2Ply: Flutters, American Hammers, WWIIs
PBR: Flutters, Bicep curls, Merkins, BWS

With enough core/Mary baked into the workout, we pressed on right up until 0615.

Successful showing last night at The Glass Jug.  Approx. 15-20 PAX cycled through from 6p until 9:30p.
2017 #RucktheATT date has been set; October 14th.  Subscribe to the Slack #Rucks channel for updates.
Prayers, support and good vibes to the guys competing in the Asheville Spartan tomorrow. Kill it out there guys!! Proud of you for attacking such a challenging event with the enthusiasm, focus and dedication that you’ve all shown during your training.



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