14 year burn

June 10, 2021

WHEN: June 10, 2021
QIC: My Little Pony
PAX: Swamp, Cosmo, Bellhop, Weed N Feed, Cardiac, Wreck It Ralph, Choo Choo, Castaway, Count Chocula, Awesome Baby, Scapula
LOCATION: Tobacco Road
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Today is YHC (& M)’s 14th wedding anniversary, so in the spirit of marriage he cooked up a challenging but rewarding workout with the number 14 prominently featured. We’re long past the 7 year itch…is 14 years a double itch? Or maybe a slow burn? Like anything in life (marriage included), with the workout you got out what you up put in and hopefully are a better man for it.


SSH x 20

WMH x 10

Harvest x 10

LBAC x 12

Reverse x 12

OHC x 12

Seal Jack x 12

Mosey lap around the soccer field

Tweaked an “11” to be a “14” with a modified mix.  Your travel count and your reps always added up to 14.

Round One – 13 Bear crawls out (only count your right hand), 1 merkin, then turn around and 13 lunge walks (count each leg separately) back and 1 squat. Repeat with 12/2, 11/3, so on until you do just 1 bear crawl, 13 merkins out and 1 lunge walk, 13 squats back.

Whole field lap to shake it out, followed by 14x 8-count “man-makers” in honor of the personal growth of matrimony (or the pain – all relevant).

Round Two – just when you think you’ve figured it out, marriage flips on you sometimes. Same formula but backwards and worse. 13 crawl bear out, 1 hand release merkin, 13 walk lunge (backwards steps) and 1 jump squat. Repeato 12/2, 11/3, etc until one final crawl bear out with 13 HR merkins, and one walk lunge back with 13 jump squats to finish.

One more whole field lap and then back to the flag, where the PAX circled up with a false sense of security before being hit another 14x 8-count “man-makers”.

Assist from Castaway (WW2’s) and Scapula (Box cutters) on MARY and we were out.


Hats off to the 6 PAX that completed the SoDu Triple Play this week. 11 more weeks of summer to get in on the fun!

2ndf opportunity next Thursday night, June 17th at 7:30 p.m. at The Glass Jug. Lots of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options and plenty of outdoor seats. As an additional incentive, Castaway offers to pick up drinks (maybe as many as 3) for any PAX that completes the triple play next week.

Awesome to see OG Choo Choo out again and still crushing it! You’re way better at merkins than Fortnight buddy.

YHC took us out. Thanks for the chance to lead.