12 Burpees of F3 strikes again

  • When: 11/30/17
  • QIC: Cardiac
  • The PAX: Elf, Kia, Weed-n-Feed, Heisenberg, Cardiac

The holiday sprit was in full force this morning… until the workout was announced “The 12 Burpees of F3”.  The brave band of brothers excitedly took up the challenge.  As a brief warm up we did some SSH, mtn. climbers and merkins.  Then we did 1 rep each of the 12 varieties of burpees that awaited, to ensure everyone had proper form.  If you have ever done the math on the “the 12 days of Christmas” or if you joined us last year for this great workout, you will know the final grand total of burpees to be completed was 366!  For the second year in a row we had to skip day 11 during the main event, and make it up following the COT as post extra credit.  Each PAX was given a cheat sheet to follow and then picked out a big baseball.  At the completion of the day 12, there was agreement amongst the PAX that the cheat sheets should be incinerated by some method that eliminate any record of this crazy idea.


Day 1:  Clap merkin burpee

Day2:  Diamond merkin burpee

Day3:  Drydock burpee

Day4:  Full Stop burpee

Day5:  Donkey Kick burpee

Day6:  Beano burpee

Day7:  Mountain Climber burpee

Day8:  180 degree burpee

Day9:  Irkin burpee on big balls

Day10:  Single Leg burpee (5 Lf / 5 Rt)

Day11:  X-Men burpee

Day12:  Standard burpee


Mary: burpees are a whole-body workout, so I guess… 366 burpees


COT:  forgot to mention during the actual workout, but come out next Monday @ DR to workout with OBT one of the co-founders of F3.

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