08/13/2022 The Battering Ram – Date Night Assignment

August 13, 2022

WHEN: 08/13/2022
QIC: TPS Reports
PAX: Fiddlestick, Montecristo, OShagHennessey, Flapjack, Arthur, Quicken, Dean Wormer, Potter, BananaSkin, Cardiac, Cheesesteak, Slicken, Wawa, Splashback, Hermey, Centerfold, Catskill, Spam, Malware, Ratchet, Uzi, Rumrunner, Count Chocula, TB, Red Ryder, Bumpdraft, TheLawn, FNK – JustJohn

Either I was a dumbass and forgot to write down that I was the Q today or Bumpdraft penciled me in without telling me. Either way, I only realized I had the Q when BD advertised it on Slack. Looking for inspiration I found out it was the 50th anniversary of my three favorite Date Night Movies – Cabaret, Superfly & Deliverance. Tonight, y'all need to put the kids to bed early and get ready for some action Ned Beatty style

We started off Warming Up to Willkomen from Cabaret – SSH, Manafort Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes, Michael Phelps

To really get the blood flowing, we did kick steps for 75 seconds to the beautiful
(so much blood was flowing, I had to adjust my shorts.)

We then paired up to do alternating exercises with our partner. One would do one exercise while the brother from another mother did the other whilst jamming to the sweet sounds of Curtis Mayfield on the Superfly soundtrack.
Little Child Runnin' Wild 5:27 – Burpee, WW2
Pusherman 5:01 – Around the World, Bobby Hurley
Freddie's Dead 5:28 – Lunge Walk, Star Crunch

We then played some crabwalk/bear crawl dodgeball while rocking out to Alice Cooper on the 50th anniversary of School's Out.

We moseyed over to the law school and with our partners did 100 Aussie push ups, 200 step ups & 300 merkins.

Mosey back to the cones and resumed our partner exercises:
No Thing on Me (Cocaine Song) 4:58 – plank jack, pecker pointers
Superfly 3:54 – overhead claps and something else I don't remember

We finished with an homage to Deliverance by doing Mary to Dueling Banjos. We started with a non-traditional Mary exercise of Monkey Humpers, but it seemed appropriate. We then rolled into some Boat/Canoe, Aussie snowangels and dog pointers.

Good luck to Hermey and the bionic men-to-be going under the knife.

We got the opportunity to name TB's 2.0, John. John had little interest in the names we discussed for him, so he was dubbed @JustJohn.

COT: Y'all are beautiful. Keep it up.

Here's the playlist: https://pandora.app.link/47PWRgmVssb

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