08/08/2022 Kenan – A Kingpin among The Godfathers

August 8, 2022

WHEN: 08/08/2022
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Blackball, Lightweight, Spam, Big Kat, Dogwood, Banana Skin, Mueller, False Start (FNG), Dingo (FNG), Singlet, Spelunker, Slug, Elwood, Malware, Potter, Cooter, Beast Mode, O’Shag, Champ, Halfback, Igloo

There are sites where a beatdown is expected and encouraged. Kenan is one of those sites where a beatdown is necessary to please the regulars. I did not intend to Q at Kenan on my third anniversary, but it happened this way because of a switcharoo. I asked Lightweight if we could run the stadium stairs for EC and he generously agreed. 9 PAX showed up for EC, which is a phenomenal number for a Monday morning. There's a magnetism to running the stairs in Kenan.

To my surprise, the EC crew walked out to the AO and there were 20 PAX. They were not just any PAX but what I like to think of as The Godfathers of Churham. 6 of the PAX are current site leaders and most of them were previous site leaders somewhere. Halfback was down from Hillsborough and an injured O'Shag even came over for NOR. My co-site Q at TBR, Spam, showed up for EC and ME; Blackball brought two FNGs; TBR OG's and friends Malware and Potter arrived during EC and they are special PAX. I could go on and on like this, because most of these PAX are friends and just dynamic people. This group of 20 PAX made it a surprisingly special morning.

Warm-up — 10 slow merkins; 10 slow squats; 10 air presses;
In Kenan;
do burpees until the 2-minute mark; then run to the 50-yard line and back; burpees; must reach 100;

Tabata: 2 minutes on;
10 marine merkins and 15 WWII’s; go to two minutes and then bear crawl to 20 yardline and back
10 mahkarts in cadence and 15 mountain climbers for 2 minutes; and then crawl bear to 30 yard line run back
15 marine merkin; and 20 WWII’s run to 50 yard line and ran back
15 mahtarks and 20 mountains climbers; 50 yard line and back

Four Corners of Abs:

first corner: 10 IC plank jax; 20 SC WWI's; 30 IC Peter Parkers; 40 IC American hammers;


I referenced the 1990s comedy Kingpin prior to the warmup. There's a scene where Ishmael was interviewed and spoke about being intimidated by so many top athletes. As the camera panned the bowling alley, most of the so-called top athletes were anything but in shape. Obviously, that was not the case this morning. I spoke about the serious and deep relationships created in F3 since the August of 2019. I'm thankful for this group! Aye!

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