06/23/2022 Conjunction Junction – Into the Woods

June 22, 2022

WHEN: 06/23/2022
QIC: Big Kat
PAX: Yo-Yo, Lip Service

3 is the loneliest number next to 4 but was more than enough for PAX to push each other and YHC. We explored the outer-rim of CJ and took advantage of the early daylight to go boldly where we have never gone before.

SSH, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Mt Climbers (mostly to give a chance for any stranglers to strangle in. None did.)

Mosey to paved hill on other side of school

7's with 1 Bumpee (Burpee without the Merkin) at base, Backward Run up, 6 Hand Release Merkins at top, run forward down. Rinse and Repeat to always add to 7 total.

Mosey through hidden trail to old football field near Smith Middle School.

20 Dips at bleachers, Bear Crawl width of field to benches for 20 dips, Crawl Bear back to start for 20 dips.

Mosey through even more hidden trail behind the track that leads back to AO but continues to community tennis courts.

Broad Jump width of court 1 do 10 IC Monkey Humpers
Broad Jump width of court 2 and add 20 Dry Docks
Broad Jump width of court 3 and add 30 Air Squats
Broad Jump width of court 4 and add 40 Penguins
Broad Jump width of court 5 and add 50 single count SSH
(last court was to add 60 seconds of plank but time to kept us one court shy of goal)

Mosey to AO

COT: Quality > Quantity
2 for coffeteria

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