Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon

December 28, 2018

WHEN: December 28, 2018
QIC: Shake It
PAX: Vespa, Loonie, Awesome Baby, Botched, Elf, Avalanche, Shake It
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3 PAX got in some manmaker EC lead by Loonie. It was a rainy morning, but as 0530 came along, the rain had mostly ceased. 7 PAX in all showed out for the last Falcon of the year.


  • SSH x30
  • Windmills x10
  • LBAC x10 (Forward & Reverse)
  • Reverse Lunges x10
  • 1 minute line hops
  • 1 minute curb jumps

Now that our bodies were warmed up, we did a plank walk across the parking lot with our hands on the curb. Halfway down we hopped over to the other side of the sidewalk to plank with our opposite hand leading.

We then headed over to the Woodcroft Shopping Center.  YHC was very careful to have the group stay on the sidewalks and cross only at crosswalks.  The parking lot at Woodcroft is a series of aisles.  YHC informed the PAX that we would sprint down each aisle and perform an exercise at the end of each.

  • Sprint 1: 10 Burpees
  • Sprint 2: 10 True Americans
  • Sprint 3: 15 Jump Squats
  • Sprint 4: 15 World War 2s
  • Sprint 5: 15 Diamond Merkins
  • Sprint 6: 20 Burps
  • Sprint 7: 15 Wide Merkins

YHC then lead the PAX to Garrett Road Park, again staying on the sidewalks and using crosswalks.  We bunny hopped across the tennis courts, stopping to complete 10 merkins at the end of each court.  PAX held a people’s chair until everyone was finished.  5 count down the line in the people’s chair position.  We then travelled back to the other end of the courts by bear crawling, stopping to complete 10 jump squats after each court.

YHC lead the PAX out of the park and towards the traffic circle at Jordan High.  We then did travelling burpees from the traffic circle up to the 2nd speed bump in the driveway.  With only a handful of minutes remaining we jogged over to the overhang to get in some Mary.


  • Hello Dolly x20
  • Heels to Heaven x20
  • LBCs x25


  • Thankful to Loonie for letting me take his Q slot, so YHC could lead the men of the Falcon again
  • The Wolf is upon us.  January 5th from 0700-0900 at the Duck and Weave AO in Hillsborough.
  • Loonie urged the men to fill up the Q sheet for 2019.
  • YHC is going through some tough times.  3 weeks ago I totaled my car hitting a deer on the way to a workout.  This past Saturday my house was broken into.  Right now I’m very stressed out about dealing with the insurance company, and could use all of your prayers.