Themeless & Timeless

October 19, 2021

WHEN: 10/19/2021
QIC: Quicken
PAX: Brotox, Chum, Nighthawk, Splashback, Nacho Libre, Homegrown Berry, Nitro, Monte Cristo, Mothman, Zook, Catskill, Spitbucket, Rebar
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It had been far too long since my last Q, so I found an open date at The Jag. The goal was to enjoy much of what the AO has to offer and keep the tempo reasonably high. There was no discernible theme and time did appear to stop briefly at around 5:45 a.m., but we pressed on. Great turnout this a.m. with 5 for manmaker EC and 14 for the ME.

Warm-up: IW x 10 IC; LBAC forward and reverse x 10 IC; Slow Merkin x 10; SSH/burpee medley (SSH x 5 IC and 1 burpee, then SSH x 6 and 2 burpees, stop at 10 SSH and 6 burpees)

The Thang: After a nice mosey to the picnic tables, we did 2 rounds of Irkins x 10, Dips x 10 IC, Step up x 10 IC followed by 2 rounds of Derkins x 10, Dips x 10 IC, Step up x 10 IC. Mosey to parking lot entrance and circle up for just at taste of CVP (stolen from Uzi) with 3 rounds of burpee x 5, jump squats x 10, mountain climbers x 15 IC. Then we found partners and traveled around the Circle O’Death with partner A bear crawling while partner B runs until they meet again, flapjack for partner B to bear crawl and partner A to run. Repeat with substitution of crabwalk for bear crawl. Circle up at the entrance to the parking lot for 2 rounds of seal clap x 15 IC, overhead clap x 15 IC, crab cake x 15 IC.

Mary: Started off with flutter kicks, then PAX choice, including Homer to Marge, plank, Nolan Ryans, boxcutters, boat-canoe right up to 6:15 a.m.

Announcements: The Bull CSAUP is Saturday, October 30, 7-10:00 a.m. (arrive 6:30 a.m.) park at in Durham Bulls Park parking deck, startex is car dealership lot behind there, endex  = same location. Fourth Annual F3 BC BBQ, Saturday, November 6 at Great Meadows Pavilion in Briar Chapel.

COT: YHC shared a few thoughts on gratitude for the PAX who show up and support each other (and do whatever movement or exercise the Q calls out!). Gratitude for what F3 means to me. Gratitude for being healthy enough to workout with some outstanding men in the gloom. Aye!