The Thicket’s Anniversary

  • When: 07/31/17
  • QIC: Marky Mark, Yanni
  • The PAX: DOI, Germ, Fieri, Mumbles, Chef Tell, Rambler, Manscaper, Manwell, Goat Cheese, Animal, Bullwinkle, GTL, ET, Duplo, Punisher, No Money, Cold Call, Grunge, Closer, Bright Idea, Mothman, Link, Stinky Pete, Boyardee, Chum, Fat Cat, Horny Toad

The Thicket began as an idea nearly two years ago. It was three guys in an unlit park driveway, following F3 lingo and cadence in the winter mornings, aiming to try and replicate the F3 experience in their neck of the woods.

Then the PAX became four, then five, then it began to travel. First was the trek through unruly weeds to reach a pull-up bar station. Next came circuitous routes around the neighborhood, testing and incorporating various features into exercises.

A year later, the idea became a full-fledged reality with the official F3 launch of The Thicket. And, today, 12 months following the launch, that idea is thriving. Thus, to honor that idea and that reality, 29 PAX convened at The Thicket AO for an hour-long celebration.

Arm Circles
Imperial Walker
Air Squats

The Thang
Walking Lunge to each house, 10 Merkins at each stop
Spin Cycle (Bear Crawl, spin to Crawl Bear – length of street)
Ping Pong Pull-ups – Step-ups – Burpees
Gym Class Sit-ups
Sprint across field and down stairs
Bear Crawl ramp vs Stair Sprints
Wheel of Merkin
Mosey back to the AO, stopping for Burpees

When YHC first began posting at F3 in various locations around Chapel Hill, it was suggested that one day he’d help create a local AO. The notion seemed far-fetched at the time, especially considering the early failure rate with recruited FNGs. But when YHC found the right people, it no longer seemed so far fetched.

The success of The Thicket — and then The Wall and The Big House — isn’t the work of today’s QICs. These AOs exploded, and became self-sufficient, when the PAX stepped forward. That collective ownership is what produced camaraderie, shared leadership, and ultimately the momentum for massive growth.

In those early F3 postings, YHC saw the benefit of a potential local F3 workout as an opportunity for convenience. It turns out that view was selling this opportunity way short. The convenience, and even the workout itself, is secondary. It’s really been about meeting, and developing friendships with, great guys. It’s been about becoming more involved in the community. It’s been about encouraging one another to reach their physical potential. It’s been about enabling guys to become leaders.

Witnessing yourself get stronger mentally and physically for two years was great. Witnessing a collective group get stronger mentally and physically this past year has been special.

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