The Frozen Wankie Show

  • When: 10/30/17
  • QIC: Chum
  • The PAX: Rambler, Mr. Woodcock, The Closer, Duplo, CO2, Dueling Banjos, Poison, Bunyan, Horny Toad, Yanni, Grunge, Marky Mark, Boyardee, Nitro, Bright Idea, Nescafe, GTL, Nanu Nanu,

Three PAX (Rambler, Bunyan, Mumbles) knocked out some rucking EC, and two PAX (MM and Boyardee) knocked out Murph EC.  As time approached, YHC was greeted by 18 other men on a chilly autumn morning for my VQ.  There would be some exercising, some lessons learned, and some frozen wankies.


Lesson Learned #1: When your M’s pager goes off at 0330 on the morning of your VQ, it’s probably OK to have a cup of coffee (or two) since you know you can’t go back to sleep.  What’s not as OK is getting to the AO early and then having to relieve yourself in 30-degree temperatures (i.e., the wretched “turtle head drip”).  Lesson learned: relieve self in warm comfort of your abode prior to embarking to a cold AO.



Run In Place (High Knees & Rapid Step)

Standing Hamstring Stretch (Left/Right/Middle)


Arm Circles

Hand-release Merkins


Stretch anything else while we count off and form three teams.


Opening Act

Caterico Indian Run (last man drops back and executes 10 merkins, sprints to front of his team.  On his sprint back to his team, taps last man, who drops back and executes 10 merkins, etc.).  Distance was about ½ mile and each man got at least two iterations.


Main Event

Stay in teams.


  1. Merkin Wave (PAX in plank, first man performs one merkin and returns to plank, next man performs one merkin and returns to plank, and so on down the line until last teammate executes. First man then performs two merkins and returns to plank, and so on, all the way up to ten.


Lesson Learned #2: It was after the merkin wave that one of the PAX stated his wankie was frozen.  Lesson learned: get better base layers.


  1. Movement Relays. PAX remain in teams.
    1. Teams perform LBCs. First teammate sprints halfway across parking lot and performs 10 jump squats.  Bear crawl back to team.  Once he returns, he executes five burpees and second man sprints halfway across parking lot and performs same.  First man resumes LBCs after burpees.  Continue through the team until every man has performed the routine.  Performed x2.


Lesson Learned #3: Teams were probably too large, as there seemed to be some grumbling about the quantity of LBCs.  Lesson learned: Routine would likely have worked better with team sizes of 4-5.


  1. Teams perform WW2. Same as above, but execute 10 mountain climbers after sprint and crab walk back.  Performed x1.


  1. Sprints in Parking Lot.
    1. Suicide Sprint (sprint halfway, return, sprint full length and return)
    2. Sprint full length and return.



End Time achieved.  Mary incorporated into Main Event.



  1. Gear: Order page is live. Deadline is 11/2.  Go spend some money and look cool(er).
  2. 2nd F for November: someone has signed up to Q it. More to follow later.
  3. 3rd F for Quarter: still need someone to identify & lead a 3rd F opportunity for the quarter.
  4. Spooky’s House of Horrors: Needs volunteers / actors.



Thanks to all the PAX for letting YHC Q today and putting up with my VQ.  The intended theme today revolved around group vs. individual.  The group provides comfort and support.  Being a teammate in the group lets a man provide the same to others.  However, in life there are times when a man has to step out and push himself –for the betterment of himself, his group, or both – whether it be sprinting while the group shuffles, pushing while the group planks, tackling some problem in the workplace, etc.  Thanks again.  Until next time —

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