The Big Dance

March 22, 2021

WHEN: 03/22/2021
PAX: Cosmo, Scapula, Botched, Beano, Barksdale, Ocho, Grandpa Ninja, King LL, Count Chocula, Yurt, Banana Slug, Champ, Sonar
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4 PAX for an EC 5k and 14 PAX for the ME. Tclaps to Count Chocula on his first EC 5k jaunt! Well done Sir!

YHC spent entirely too much time watching basketball over the last 72 hours and have come to the conclusion that I am no better at picking teams to win in the tournament then I was when I was 12…That said, with the tournament in mind, YHC put together a little tourney-inspired beat down that was sure to end in a party. Let’s get to work.

  • Warmup:
    • SSH IC x30
    • Imperial walkers IC x15
    • WMH IC x10
    • Windmill IC x10
    • Merkins IC x20
    • SSH IC x25 – FAST
    • Mosey to the block pile to grab your cinder – then head to the soccer field
  • The Thang:
    • Stage 1 – The extended warm up (aka the regular season)
      • 2 rounds of:
        • 10 pull ups
        • 20 alternating merkins on block
        • 30 goblet squats
        • 1 lap around field
    • Stage 2 – The Big Dance
      • Mosey to the basketball court
      • Place your block on the wall and line up on the far fence facing your block
      • The Big Dance – 6 wins to crown the champion
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 alternating block taps, crawl bear back
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 Curls, crawl bear back
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 OH Press, crawl bear back
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 Front Raises, crawl bear back
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 Thrusters, crawl bear back
        • Bear crawl to wall, x20 Blockees, crawl bear back
        • You win! Now it’s time to celebrate. Head to the wall and grab your block.
      • The Championship parade
        • Duck walk with block to fence, x10 Yurpees, reverse duck walk back
        • Duck walk with block to fence, x10 Jackass Merkins, reverse duck walk back
        • Mosey back to start and drop blocks on the way
    • Mary:
      • Flutter kicks IC x30
      • Finisher: Hello Dolly’s IC x15, 6in hold, Flutter kicks IC x10, 6in hold, Hello Dolly’s IC x15

Announcements: Things were mentioned. I honestly can’t remember. 🙂


Keep praying for Lee Fitch and the entire Fitch family. They have a long road ahead of them and they will need our support. This group provides such a strong example of what is possible if we are willing and able to help others. Thanks to all those who step up and give their time and money to those in need. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning and I look forward to seeing y’all again soon.