TBR is the Toughest Workout in Churham

February 24, 2020

WHEN: February 22, 2020
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Skeeter, Uzi, Dean Wormer, Tricurious, Quicken, Wawa, Catskill, Bump Draft, Malware
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I started attending #the-battering-ram in January. The first week I only posted for the ME; however, the next week I attended the EC (run by Uzi) and the ME and it about killed me. IT’S TRULY THE TOUGHEST TWO-HOUR WORKOUT IN CHURHAM. Uzi doesn’t have to manufacture the hype.

When I signed up to Q TBR, I followed legendary Q’s that included Night Shift, Malware, and Catskill. Unfortunately, it has snowed the day before, so I have to significantly modify the ME.

***note–now that this “other” group called me out for complimenting the TBR boys, I guess this very belated BB takes on adding meaning now

Image result for rams fighting


  • SSH x50; and 2 laps with a partner (one partner runs forward while the other Bernie’s); 10 military-style hand release merkins at the conclusion of each lap


  1. Broad Jump to middle of field, then 29 high knees in cadence, keep broad jumping to other side, 29 high knees
  2. sprint back to beginning
  • Broad Jump Burpee to middle of field, 29 American hammers, keep walking, 29 American hammers
  • sprint back to beginning
  • Bear Crawl ricky bobby; 29 plank jacks and then 29 plank jacks

Part 2: Soccer: Bear Crawlers vs. crab walkers

**all of these workouts were done on a field of ice and snow

Bloody Mary

  • 29 hammers x 2
  • 29 ski abs x2
  • 29 flutters x2
  • 29 hammers again


  • Convergence at The Wolf on 2/29; please sign up for #amrap and #thejag


Keep praying, gentlemen! We never prayer to live well everyday.