Stung by Roxanne, Struck by Thunder

  • When: 06/20/18
  • QIC: Adolphus
  • The PAX: Appomattox, Awesome Baby, Barksdale, B&B, Champ, Deep Dish, One Dimension, TB, Timber, Uzi, Walnuts

12 pax, including a few of the 7 who braved the pine (many of whom fled before the ME, insisting loudly that it wasn’t because the thought of a YHC Q was intimidating, but we know the truth don’t we boys) gathered in the muggy gloom for another Rameses beatdown.

Warmup: SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, WMH, the latter three led by One Dimension, Awesome Baby and B&B respectively. Sign us to Q fellas you all did great.

Roxanne. The most tantric fun you can have with your clothes on. Everyone in low squat hold during the song, standing up at each “Roxanne” and then back into LSH until the song is done.

Jog to the handrail for Blur Song 2 (the greatest 2-minute long song in the history of 2-minute long songs). Partner 1 does Australians while P2 does dips, switch at the one-minute mark.

Crank up some G&R. Jog to the volleyball court. 2 pairs do 10 pull-ups each, while the other 4 pairs bear crawl the sand and sprint back, everyone into SSH until all finished. 2 more pairs to the bars while the rest broad jump across and sprint back, then the final 2 pairs get their pull-ups while the rest combo broad jump/bear crawl across and sprint back. SSH until all done.

Jog to the picnic tables. P1 flutter kicks on the table, P2 dips. 15x, flapjack. P1 box cutters, P2 right leg step-ups. 15x, flapjack. P1 Hello Dolly, P2 left leg step-ups. 15x, flapjack.

Jog back to the start, 21x slow WWIIs & Barksdale’s Dead-Bug-o-Rama. Finish with Thunderstruck and pouring sweat into the asphalt. The song faded to a close right at the 0630 bell. Recover.


Moleskin: prayers for wisdom for our leaders, especially now. Also, July GoRuck Tough and Light are coming up soon. You should do one, or both. You’re ready, just grab a ruck and let’s go.


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