Steel Crazy (After All These Years)

  • When: 10/09/19
  • QIC: Cosmo
  • The PAX: OPEC, Botched, Scurvy, Pikachu, 2-Ply, Loonie, Riggs, Assisi, Coxswain, Exhibit A, Vespa, Field Day, Porterhouse, Pedialyte, Yunus, Gigi, Maestro, Brain Freeze, Prancing Horse, Amphibious

Misery reached out Monday asking for a Q swap. YHC begged off initially, eyeing Peppermint Patty’s mmht ruck training on Wednesday. Alas, the bum wheel that held me out of the TL in Charlotte this weekend was still barking as of Tuesday morning. That meant MMHT was out, but then realized something: If you’re the Q, people have to do whatever you say, and, importantly, you can opt NOT to do stuff that will make you all hurty in a bad way.

Luckily Misery was still willing to let me take the reins after the initial refusal, so YHC showed up this morning – at 5:29:30 – with plans for a steel-heavy, foot-friendly beatdown.

TL;DR – 21 PAX crushed 800+ reps (Mentioned in pre-blast that today would be light on running, so 6 PAX got after it with an EC 5K)

Aforementioned bum wheel meant no SSH. Only a few PAX stormed off in protest.
Imperial Walker X 20IC, Hillbilly X 10IC, Good Morning X 10 IC, LBAC X 10 IC and reverse, 5 burpees oyo, Slow merkin X 10IC, Mountain Climber X 20IC, Two minutes max merkins

Grab steel and circle up in back parking lot
Had intended to do two minute max big boy situps, but there’s no good flat grassy area at HOP, and I didn’t want everyone’s tailbone lit up before we even got started, so we just did 25 WWIIs
Routine was simple, done oyo so everyone could go at their own pace with good form.
-25 merkins
-25 Good form Bent-Over Rows SC
-25 Squats with steel
Hold steel overhead til all finished
-25 flutter kick IC with steel overhead
Rinsed repeated 4 times, with one recovery mosey thrown in
Then next round:
:-25 overhead press SC
-25 Tricep extension SC
-25 curls SC
Low squat hold with steel till everyone finished
-25 mountain climber IC
Rinsed repeated thrice
-Heels to Heaven X 25IC
Voila, 800 reps, not counting max merkins
-Check Slack for details about The Bull, Oct. 26
-Prayers for OPEC’s co-worker Patrick, battling cancer and suffered a stroke over the weekend
YHC took us out
As mentioned above, one of the beauties of Qing is the control to choose exercises that play to your strengths or work on your weaknesses. All the more reason to find an empty slot on the Q sheets of your regular AOs and take advantage of that opportunity. Grateful that fate gifted me the honor this morning of leading an outstanding group of men. SYITG!

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