Escalator and Tabata

  • When: 10/02/19
  • QIC: Chowdah and Sodapopinski
  • The PAX: ShakeIt, Happy Trees, Tatertot, Crean, Unicycle, Frozen Peas, Magellan, Larry Legend, Carlton, Fresh Prince, Uncle Phil, Radio


50 ssh

5 burpees OYO

10 GM

10 Harvester

15 LBAC plus 15 Reverse

5 burpees OYO

The Thang:

Sodapopinski led the PAX thru a 4 corners escalator in the bus lot: The PAX performed 10 merkins at the 1st corner, ran to the 2nd corner and added 10 jump squats, ran and added 10 jump lunges at the 3rd, ran and added 10 diamond merkins at the 4th. The PAX then ran in the opposite direction dropping one exercise at each corner

Chowdah led the PAX thru a Tabata-inspired workout in the front playground. The PAX broke up into 3 groups. Each group performed a different exercise with the format of 40sec exercise with 20 sec active recovery. We did 3 1min sets of each exercise then the groups rotated. The exercises and active recovery exercises were:

Round 1

Group 1- swerkins, (recovery swerks or hold plank with feet on the swing)

Group 2- Freddie Mercury (recovery 6inch leg hold)

Group 3- Star Jumps (recovery SSH)

Round 2

Group 1- tuck jumps (recovery butt kickers)

Group 2- burpees (recovery hold plank bows and toes)

Group 3- mountain climbers (recovery opposite arm/leg extensions from plank)

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