Soggy 7’s

  • When: 08/14/19
  • QIC: My Little Pony
  • The PAX: Barksdale, Graceland, Cosmo, Uzi, Cheese Splint, Peppermint Pattie

Been a while since YHC had the chance to lead at his home site, so when he saw the Rameses Q sheet empty this week he jumped on it. The weather looked ominous, but Uzi set the tone to embrace the suck with an EC Coupon Ruck call out. 5 PAX answered the call and 2 more joined for the ME.

YHC is trudging though the more difficult than expected Everest Challenge and selfishly planned a workout that would help him make up some ground while still pushing one and all.


SSH x 20

WMH x 10

Seal Jack x 20

Hillbilly x 15

Plank Jack x 20

Arm Circles x 12

Reverse x 12

Mosey to the bottom of THWM for The Thang – roughly named a “Jackpot”, aka Three 7’s in a row.

First 7 – partner up, size matters. Buddy carries from bottom of THWM to the first yellow gate. At the bottom, each PAX responsible for 1 LBC. At the top, each PAX responsible for 6 Merkins. After merkins, mosey back to the bottom and flap jack which partner does the buddy carry – each PAX does 2 LBC’s at bottom and 5 merkins at top. Continue back and forth until ending with 1 merkin at the top for both PAX. Flutter kicks and super man holds while everyone finishes

Second 7 aka Double Seven – OYO this time. Start with 2 LBC’s at bottom, sprint up to 2nd gate, 12 merkins (double 7 – aka sum of 14 each time). Repeato until end with 12 LBC’s & 2 merkins.

Third 3 aka Triple Seven – Start with 3 LBC’s at bottom, backwards run up to tree line, 18 merkins (sum always adds up to 21 each time – aka triple 7). Repeato until end with 18 LBC’s & 3 merkins.

Short on time and energy, no more abs for Mary. Instead, we did another partner exercise. Partner 1 lays on back on ground, Partner 2 stands over their waist. Interlock hands. Partner 1 pulls themselves up until their chest touches partner 2’s hands. Affectionately named the Tea Bag by Uzi. Each partner knocked out 15 reps and we were out of time.


Prayers for Weezer and family during his recovery and Cosmo’s wife’s friend, who faces a scary medical diagnosis. Also, for all Dads and Kids headed to Camp Seagull this weekend.

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