Slick Hills & No Frills

November 12, 2019

WHEN: November 12, 2019
QIC: Pancake
PAX: Knope, Brain Freeze, The Body, Sweatervest, Bell’s, Pikachu, Low Tide, Nails, Crimson, Cool J, Funny Money, Crabcake
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Side Shuffle Hop x 30, Imperial Walker x 15, Little Baby Arm Circles (forward & reverse), Overhead Clap x 20, Seal Clap x 20, Slow Merkin x 10


We started by moseying to the bottom of the hill, where we began a series of traveling to the top to do an exercise, then moseying back down to repeat the exercise. The sequence was as follows:

  1. Forward run to the top, 25 Merkins. Mosey back down, 25 Merkins.
  2. Backward run to the top, 15 Jump Lunges each leg. Mosey back down, 15 Jump Lunges.
  3. Forward run to the top, 20 WW2s. Mosey back down, 20 WW2s.
  4. Backward run to the top, 25 Bodyweight Squats. Mosey back down, 25 Bodyweight Squats.
  5. Forward run to the top, 20 Carolina Drydocks. Mosey back down, 20 Carolina Drydocks.
  6. Backward run to the top, 15 cadence count Mountain Climbers. Mosey back down, 15 cadence count Mountain Climbers.

Then we headed over to the tennis courts to get a suicide in, stopping at the original baseline to do an exercise, alternating between 15 Merkins and 10 Burpees.

We cooled off with a lunge walk to the first tennis court and back, then circled up. We ended with a high-low plank ring of fire 5-count, 2-per-person Merkin ring of fire, and 31 American Hammers in cadence.

Announcement: F3 Churham BBQ this Saturday at the Ramses site. Check the numerous posts for details on various channels.

Prayer request for Sweatervest’s M, Annie, who’s having surgery on Friday to remove a tumor from her pancreas. There’s been no possibility of biopsy yet, and they may have to take out her spleen and some lymph nodes as well. Keep them in your prayers. Praise for Cool J who had a healthy baby girl on Sunday! And Bell’s’s M is at 36 weeks, so prayers for health for her and baby as well. Knope’s friend Chooch, 43 (average age of F3 men), had to have a pacemaker put in recently. His health had declined as he didn’t take care of himself (keep this in mind, gentlemen). Lastly, a prayer of praise for Nails, whose daughter received a letter from Stanford Law, inviting her to come visit.