Shutup You Jerks

May 10, 2019

WHEN: May 10, 2019
PAX: TPS Report, French Lick, Deep Dish, Homes, Stevie Ray, Rudy, Fires, Turtle, Cousin Vinny, B&B, Bunyan, Spooky, Singlet, LoPair, Kevin, Bruno (FNG), Manafort, Green Acres, Moore, Qbota, Nucky
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Still mourning the loss of the Hurricanes to the Bruins and the refs YHC abandoned the idea of a tribute to the Canes and did what Shooter would do after a UNC loss and just try to work out my anger. However as random penalties were given out last night so would they be today. One FNG (Welcome Bruno) so disclaimer given.

25 SSH
10 Penalty Burpees (Turtle was late)

The Thang
Jog the trail into what I thought were the friendly confines of Southern Village. Find some low wall.
20 Derkins, 10 SSH, 20 Irkins, 10 SSH, 20 Dips, 10 SSH
10 Penalty Burpees for Mumblechatter
15 Derkins, 10 SSH, 15 Irkins, 10 SSH, 15 Dips, 10 SSH
10 Derkins, 10 SSH, 10 Irkins, 10 SSH, 10 Dips, 7 SSH…we were interrupted by the lovely sound of a woman from her balcony informing us that she was sleeping. Time to go.

Run to the hill by the school. 10 penalty burpees from Manafort for YHC bringing the men to wake up the ‘hood. RYAO up the hill. Mosey back down. Bear crawl up the hill to quiet everyone down.

At the top of the hill line up single file. Indian run led by Bunyan we skipped back to the AO while doing overhead claps. We looked like a Bunch of Jerks. To the hockey rink partner up by size.

Wheelbarrow halfway down the court, 10 WWIIs, switch partners, wheelbarrow to the end, 10 WWIIs, jog back to the start, BTTW until all are done.
10 penalty burpees for a reason I forget.
Wheelbarrow halfway down the court, 10 merkins, switch partners, wheelbarrow to the end, 10 merkins, jog back to the start, BTTW until all are done.
Wheelbarrow halfway down the court, 10 burpees, switch partners, wheelbarrow to the end, 10 burpees, jog back to the start, people’s chair until all are done.

Group splits in two in the middle of the rink single file. Shake hands on a workout well done.

Mary was not around

YHC forgot phone but from what I remember…cocktails for Malawi, Singlet is gonna be singing, BC is doing a murph, Deep Dish’s M is gonna make you beautiful, and Rudy wants you to sign up to Q.

The handshake at the end of a hockey series is the best tradition in sport. After knocking the snot out of your opponent for two weeks you line up, look him in the eye and shake his hand. Apologize if you need to and congratulate or console them on a job well done. Let’s all look to have that level of maturity and manhood as we go through our day. Aye!!!