Setting the Record Straight

March 23, 2021

WHEN: 03/23/2021
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Catskill (Respect), Zook, TPS Reports, Homegrown Berry, Buzzbait, Rebar

Preface: Maraschino claimed to have broken my boot-camp running record of 3.1 set at Ramses and matched at The Jag during the winter. Apparently, his record was set at The Big House at 3.17 miles, although he then changed the distance at coffeeteria to nearly 4 miles. Obviously, it sounded like fuzzy math to those present.

User Clip: Fuzzy Math |

Preparation: I intentionally advertised the ME as “running” specific. We were definitely going to break the record. In this way, we mirrored Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” during the World Series of 1932. Unlike Maraschino’s group that measured distance through sorcery and telepathy, we had Zook, TPS, Catskill, and HGB to back up our record with scientific accuracy.

Babe Ruth | The Remarkable Leader

Warm-up: Ran a couple of laps around the loop and did some arm circles and then another couple of laps and then SSH.

ME: run one lap 10 WWII’s; 2 laps – 20 WWII’s 3 lap: 30 WWII’s 2 laps: 40 WWII’s 50 WWII’s (different PAX counted)

Run to baseball field (funny story–Maraschino didn’t know that The Jag had diamond. I imagine that is because he generally panhandles with his ruck sack at local grocery stores on most Tuesday mornings, instead of attending an official AO):

Baseball field suicides: at home plate to pitcher’s mound; then to second base; then to center field; then to warning track — Doing it again: each time do 2 burpees, 4 burpees, 6 burpees, 8 burpees; reverse that for third suicide

Ran back to AO and Zook and Catskill helped us reach 3.5, which is the new record.

COT: Malawi run, Zook has The Jag next Tuesday…

Everyone knows that once a record is set, we have to play One Shining Moment

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