May 25, 2021

WHEN: May 25, 2021
QIC: Nightshift
PAX: Coxswain, Funyon, Poser, Newt, Assisi, Malware, Vice, Nails
LOCATION: The Vortex
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We had a posterior chain EC. TABATA, using 5lb bricks: Y, W, T, single leg dead lifts, curls, Superman rows

Lap, SSH, Seal Jacks, Smurf Jacks, Merkins, and Squats

The Thang
10 Burpees a minute for 10 minutes.
Sandcrawler- think Ricky Bobby, but the last PAX is the only one moving only one moving. PAX lined up on their 6s. PAX on one end called/counted a core exercise. PAX on the other end Crab Walks to the opposite end and takes over the counting.
10 Burpees a minute for 5 minutes.
Sandcrawler- PAX lined up again. Core was Mermaids, Hammers, and Plank. PAX on the other end Bear Crawled to the front.
Control Freak Burpos.

LBCs with a twist, 6″hold