Ring of Ring of Fire

April 7, 2021

WHEN: 04/07/2021
QIC: Stubbs
PAX: Stinky Pete, Ice, Nitro, Chum, Beaujolais
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The pollen was palatable, just like Duplo’s absence.   6 Pax fired it up at the Big House with a noticeably beautiful crescent moon.   And for the record, Brotox had to audible last minute and cancel his Q so this is all his fault.

Warm – up

18 SSH
9 Good Mornings
10 slow Merkins
15 Forward arm circles
15 Reverse arm circles

The Thang:
4 Rings of Ring of Fire

2 inflection points continue around the circle with primary exercise moving round and round.  A secondary exercise commences as you complete your set and wait for the inflection point to come to you again.      Each Ring has a primary exercise of 5 sets for a total of 100 reps.  10-20-30-20-20

400m mosey between each set.

Primary / Secondary

1 – Merkin / Plank Hold

2- Squat / SSH

3- Heels to Heaven / Hold feet 6″ off ground

4- Mountain Climber Single Count / Lunge


There were no references to Johnny Cash made during this work out.  Only moans and complaints of difficulty.

Set 4 was our Mary.


Announcements:  none today

CoT:  What do we have that we have not received?   Its been helpful for me to look back on seasons of difficulty in the past and see how a provision was made when I never was sure how I would get through something that was really hard.   In 2009, my son was born 3 months early at 27 wks and 1.5 lb.  Dear friends and family along with so many people we never met before that rallied around my wife and I as we lived for 3 months in a Ronald McDonald House in Colorado while Harrison was in a NICU.  He’s healthy today and bouncing off the walls like a crazy 9yo.  That was a bonkers 3 months and threshold into parenthood.    2 years ago I was looking for a new job with a lack of direction and was given an opportunity from a friend I never would have imagined that has been an incredible fit and a source of a lot of joy and purpose.    Today we are relatively well or “pandemic fine” as a household.  All the big things are okay, extended family, finances, health… but the strain and stress on our kids and marriage has never been more noticeable as we’ve navigated all the decisions, closeness and challenges of the last 12 months.  But we believe God is at work tenderly raising our eyes off of ourselves and helping us consider how to love one another the way he faithfully has cared for each of us.   Seemingly, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I think seeing how provision for the past has helped me navigate difficulty we are facing.  It has been a powerful source for hope and gratitude as we look ahead.      I know we each are facing something unique and I don’t want to minimize anyone’s pandemic journey.  This has been exceptionally hard.  But I think if we look around its’ easy to consider reasons we can be hopeful and grateful as we walk through so much loss.   The Lord is the one who will go before you.  He will be with you; he will not leave you or abandon you.  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  Deut 31:8.