Pulling Weeds

August 10, 2022

WHEN: 08/10/2022
QIC: Maraschino
PAX: Big Kat, Lip Service, Malware, Nightshift, Potter, Slug, Tricurious, YoYo

8 PAX showed up for some EC weed pulling.  Added one and got into it after mandatory disclaimer.


Warm-a-rama (all IC)

12 IWs

25 SSHs

10 WMHs

10 LBACs

12 Reverse LBACs

10 Hillbillies


The Thang (Reverse Red Rover Dora)

Pax split into two teams–one with 4 PAX and one with 5 PAX.  Teams were required to mosey around the high school (a little over 1/2 mile) and then complete different exercises collectively.  The losing team got to pick a PAX from the winning team.  Repeato as set forth below:

Round 1:  100 Carolina Dry Docks

Round 2: 50 Carolina Dry Docks and 50 Lieutenant Dans

Round 3:  50 Carolina Dry Docks, 50 Lieutenant Dans, 50 Monkey Humpers

Round 4:  50 Lieutenant Dans, 50 Monkey Humpers, 50 Homers-to-Marge

Round 5:  Shortened run to long way around parking lot.  Then, 50 Lieutenant Dans, 50 Monkey Humpers, 50 Homers-to-Marge, 50 Diamond Merkins

Round 6:  Ran around parking lot together.  Finish with 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Lieutenant Dans, and 10 Monkey Humpers

*No Mary.  YHC intended to incorporate it into Round 6 with a ring of fire and Diamond Merkins but ran out of time.




  • Q Sheet open this Friday at WestEnd.
  • Nightshift is Qing at the Heights on Thursday (tomorrow) and is organizing a clown car.
  • Continue to pull weeds at site.


YHC took us out by reminding Pax of his grandfather’s words:  “Leave the place better than you found it.”

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