Passing the Shovel Flag at Rameses

August 3, 2022

WHEN: 08/03/2022
QIC: Botched
PAX: Flapjack, Yurt, Oh Shag Hennesey, Misery, Bisquick, Lightweight, Red October, Footjoy, Bump Draft, Wile E, Red Rider, Python

YHC heard whisperings that a new co-AOQ was going to be announced this week at #rameses (ok, it was posted on Slack). So, he set out to plan a workout that really showcased the many features of the AO. 13 PAX gathered in the gloom and we got started promptly at 0530.


  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walker x12
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC/Reverse x12 each
  • Hillbilly x12



Started off by moseying on down to the Tennis Courts. Lots of possibilities here. We started with a classic

  • Tennis Court Suicide
    • Run to Court 1, do 1 Burpee, run back
    • Run to Court 2, do 2 Burpees, run back
    • Run to Court 3, do 3 Burpees, run back
    • Run to Court 4, do 4 Burpees, run back
    • Run to Court 5, do 5 Burpees, run back
    • Run to Court 6, do 6 Burpees, run back


Off next to the Gazebo (later in the morning, YHC noticed a sign pointing that direction, calling it “The Pavilion.” Whatever.) for our next set of exercises

  • Dips IC x15
  • Box Jumps OYO x15
  • Derkins SC x15
  • Swipers x15
  • Repeat x 3 sets


Recovery Mosey down to the beach volleyball courts. Everything is harder in the sand!

  • Bear Crawl across the courts
  • Crawl Bear back


As the PAX already had a nice “glazed donut” sweat sheen to them prior to the Bear Crawl, the sand stuck very nicely, giving everyone a “cinnamon sugar donut” look instead.

Of course no Rameses tour would be complete without seeing the main attraction, THWM. We Moseyed down to the very bottom

  • Merkins SC x25
  • Lunge Walk to first gate
  • Wide Merkin SC x25
  • Backward Run to 2nd gate
  • Diamond Merkin SC x25
  • Standing Broad Jump to tree line


Mosey through the trees to the large Field. Had planned to have PAX do traveling burpees to the tippy top, but time was short. Instead

  • AYG Sprint to the top


Mosey on back around to Startex, where we had just enough time for


  • American Hammer x15 IC
  • Freddie Mercury x15 IC


Prayers for Yurt’s M; both prayers of thanksgiving that she is currently doing well from her cancer treatment, and prayers that she will continue to stay in remission.


Finally, we welcomed Oh Shag Hennesey as the new co-AOQ (joining Flapjack). Oh Shag Hennesey noted that this was his 67th post since starting F3 in December 2021. He has been killing it and will be an excellent addition to Churham’s AOQs. We look forward to his continued stewardship of #rameses, an AO with lots to offer. SYITG, Aye!

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