One Merkin at a Time … ‘Til 62

  • When: 06/10/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Strudel, Foghorn Leghorn, Slug, Timber, Weezer, Gordon, Walt, Mate, Subprime, Uzi

Eleven PAX gathered at Kenan on a sultry Monday morning at Kenan to help YHC celebrate his 62th birthday, which fell on Sunday. Thus the number 62 would be the anchor around which all exercises were planned.

            Warmup: SSH x 20, windmills x 10, imperial walker x 10, arm circles forward and backward, merkins x 10, Carolina dry docks x 10.

            From there we moseyed to six different stations around Polk Place and the Carolina campus: The Bell Tower, Wilson Library, Carroll Hall, South Building, the Old Well and Manning Hall.

            At each location we did 10 each merkins, split squats left and right, CDD, Heels to heavens and dips, except at the last one where we did 12—making a total of 62 reps of each exercise. We varied the cadences throughout to promote longer, slower ranges of motion.

            Then it was a return jog to the North Gate at Kenan Stadium for five minutes of Mary: Russian hammers, flutters and various forms of planks and plank holds.

            A good time was certainly had by all and we reflected on the gratitude we all have for the ability and will to mix it up at 0545. Let the focus, discipline and structure we engender through F3 carry through for the rest of the week.  


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