Old guys rule

July 26, 2021

WHEN: 07/26/2021
QIC: Catskill
PAX: Big Cat, Pookie, Slug, Night Shift, Dogwood & Mueller
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  1. YHC made his inaugural visit to #kenan today to be wowed by the beasts who make it look easy. Simple plan, challenging workout followed…

Begin at emergency light in parking lot

Do 10 Burpees

Broad Jump 50 +/- yards to next light pole

10 burpees

Crab Walk back to start

10 burpees

Bunny hop to  light pole

10 burpees

Crawl bear to start

10 burpees

Bear Crawl to light pole

10 burpees

AYG run to start

10 burpees

Lunge walk to light pole

10 burpees

Run backwards to start

10 burpees

Hi Knees to light pole

10 burpees

Bear Crawl to start


Completed 3 rounds of the following:

15 IC step back lunges

10 Donkey Kicks

5 Absolution



Pookie led Asheville Abs

Merkin ring of fire