Leg Day

July 26, 2021

WHEN: July 26, 2021
QIC: Brotox
PAX: Lightweight, Right Swipe, Hanson, Manafort (respect!), Squi, Toes (respect!), Stretcher, Eddie the Eagle (respect!), Plinko, Moore, Roots, Uke
LOCATION: Pleasantville
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YHC has been on vacation the last two weeks, so today’s 0425 alarm was a cold dose of reality.  This being my first trip to Pleasantville, I arrived a little early for some recon to make sure I was good to go with the plan I drew up.  At 0543, there was nary a soul in sight and YHC was getting a little worried he was in the wrong location.  No need to fret, by 0545 13 strong PAX had assembled on the Southern Village green and we were ready to get started.


The usual stuff, SSH x25 IC, WMH x10 IC, IW x10 IC, Good mornings x10 IC, F & R Arm Circles x10 IC, Michael Phelps x10 IC, etc.

The Thang

As is now customary, the Pleasantville PAX split into a high temp group with YHC (8 PAX total) and a low tempo group with Moore (5 PAX total).  What did the low tempo group do…IDK, you’ll have to go ask Moore.  What did the high tempo group do…read on!

Thang 1:

  • 4 PAX on the stairs for Johnny Dramas x20 IC, 4 PAX on the sidewalk for slow squats x20 IC.  Flapjack.
  • Run to Christ UMC corner

Thang 2:

  • 3-second squat holds x20
  • standard squats x20
  • squat/side-step/squat jump x20
  • Run to picnic tables at Community park

Thang 3:

  • Step-Ups x15 IC
  • Irkins x15
  • Step-Ups x15 IC
  • Merkins x15
  • Step-Ups x15 IC
  • Derkins x15
  • Run back to Christ UMC corner

Thang 4:

  • Monkey Humpers x15 IC
  • OH Claps x15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x15 IC
  • Seal Claps x15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x10 IC
  • Raise the Roofs x15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers x5 IC (had to get those last 5 in!)
  • Run back to Southern Village green

Thang 5:

  • Lunges x10 IC
  • Side Lunges x10 IC
  • Slow Step-Back Lunges x10 IC


Bettor’s choice: hip dips by Right Swipe, dying cockroaches by Squi, and Freddy Mercuries by Eddie the Eagle with Moore and the low tempo group joining back up with us in time for the Freddy Mercuries.


P-ville Q sheet needs filling for August and beyond


While on vacation, I took advantage of the condo gym one fine Sunday morning to get in a full body dumbbell workout routine (DB squats, DB deadlifts, DB rows, DB chest press, DB OH press, DB curls, and DB OH tricep extensions).  The next morning I woke up and my upper body was fine but my legs were so sore I could hardly walk!  It took a couple days for the pain to subside.  It also took a couple days for me to realize that a standard diet of F3 workouts was hitting the upper body but clearly leaving the lower body wanting more.  Today, we remedied that with a hardcore leg day focus.  Two things to remember going forward: 1) the next time you sign up to Q, think about your plan and make sure you’re not neglecting certain muscle groups; 2) as a metaphor for life in general, occasionally you need to assess for things you may be overlooking and make sure they get the proper attention, too.  Until next time, AYE!