Not easing back into it!

May 26, 2020

WHEN: May 26, 2020
QIC: Catskill
PAX: Nitro, Spit Bucket, Quicken, Yanni, Bump Draft, Marky Mark, Brotox & Bogey
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Warm Up: 10IC Good Morning, 10IC Hill Billy, 20 IC SSH, 10 IC WMH & 1 Minute Stretch

Main Event:

1st Round: 10 IC Man Makers, 10 IC Burpee- No Merkin, 10 Plank Jacks, 10 Groiners, 10 IC Jump Squats, 10 IC Man Makers

2nd Round: 10 Rounds of suicides +10 Derkins(each round) for time. The details: Run to cone 1, touch the ground & run back. Run to cone 2, touch the ground and run back. Run the length of the parking lot, put your feet up on the curb and complete 10 Derkins, run back for time. Round 1 was 1:15 seconds, rounds 2-5 were 1:45 and rounds 5-10 were 1:58. All running and Derkin reps were completed in the allotted time. If Pax finished before allotted time they could rest until new round began.

3rd Round: 3 Minutes of fast feet(quickly running in place), interspersed with an abrupt “skateboard” move (Hip & lower body rotation left or right) called by the Q & each Pax followed by an alternating single leg hop.

10 IC Man Makers

Mary: 40 Merkins called by @bump-draft to celebrate @marky-mark’s 40th Birthday.

1 complete round of Asheville Abs called by @bogey

Co T: Yesterday, while walking my dogs, I was struck by the good fortune in my life. Having that perspective reminded me of all the things in my life that I have to be thankful for – this group being one of them. Those of us who are lucky enough to be in that position should do our part to help others who are in need. While we are living through this unprecedented time, full of bad news, I choose to be positive and suggest we find ways to assist others who need it by donating our time, money or energy. Until the next time, Aye!