Newbie Special: The Campus Tour

  • When: 05/21/18
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Pink, Weezer, Foghorn Leghorn, EZ Pass, One-Dimension, Gordo, Subprime, Uzi, TB, Slug, Dogwood, Walnut.

A baker’s dozen PAX showed up in the gloom Monday morning, a good combination of old-timers like Gordo, Subprime and Weezer and two relative newcomers like TB and One-Dimension. YHC felt the newbies needed to experience one of the oldies-but-goodies from the five year run of the Fetzer/Kenan AO—the Campus Tour.

The Thang:

Warmup SSH x 20, IW x 10, Windmill x 10, Prisoner Squat x 10, Arm Circles forward & back x 10 each, merkins x 10.

Jog to stairs leading up to The Pit and climb them by doing walking lunges.

Jog to wall outside Lenior Dining Hall for Dips x 15.

Jog to Wilson Library for series of Derkins x 12 on the steps followed by Dips x 12 on the stone walls and Step-Ups x 12 left and right, repeating that series three times.

Beginning tour around Polk Place, jog to Carroll Hall for Carolina Dry Docks from first steps x 12, two rounds, and two rounds of Bunny Hops up/Bear Crawls down the steps/Planks at bottom.

Migrate on to South Building for 15 Burpees, Low-Plank Hold, 10 Burpees, Low-Plank Hold.

Continue around to Murphey Hall steps for Wide-Grip Derkins x 12, two sets.

Then to the walls and columns outside Hamilton Hall for 45-second People’s Chair.

Finally, back to Wilson Library and a series of walking lunges and sprints around sidewalks of Polk Place.

Return to Kenan gate for Mary: LBC x 15, Box Cutters x 15, Heels to Heavens x 15.

Rest up for next week as TB has the Memorial Day Q.

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