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May 29, 2020

WHEN: May 29, 2020
PAX: Botched, Barksdale, Swamp, Floss, Bells, Yurt, Sweatervest, Ocho, Jellystone (FNG), OPEC
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2 PAX for EC and 10 PAX for a wet but glorious ME. YHC did not prepare for rain and lightning, but nature didn’t care about that. So, with the help of some very understanding PAX, YHC let this one go on the fly. Let’s get to work.


  • SSH IC x25  – slow
  • Imperial Walkers IC x15
  • Willie Mays Hayes IC x10
  • Slow Merkins IC x20 
  • Mountain Climbers IC x20
  • Find some wall

The Thang:

  • Phase 1:  Gym – Reverse BTTW presses
    • Find a good piece of wall and get ready
    • Reverse BTTW press – Face the wall and Flip up backwards so heels are on the wall
    • AMRAP presses then hold for 30 sec
    • Drop – low squat hold
    • Repeat, this time 5 Presses or hold for 30
    • Back away from the wall about 20 feet
    • Bear crawl to wall, exercise, crawl bear back, low squat hold
      • Alternating wall taps x20
      • Merkins x20
      • Burpees x5
    • SLOOOOW lunge to wall, jump squats x20, SLOW reverse lunge back, low squat hold
    • Head back to the wall for 1 min BTTW finisher
    • Mosey back to the next covered area with I-beams
  • Phase 2: I-Beam
    • Pull ups to jump lunge circuit
      • Pull-ups x10, JL x20
      • Pull-ups x10, JL x 30
    • Break
      • WWIIs SC x20
      • Flutter kicks IC x20
      • LBCs IC x20
    • Back to PU to JL
      • Pul-ups x10, JL x30
      • Pull-ups x10, JL x20
  • Lightning/Rain stopped!  Yippee!  The PAX were very excited to leave the covered area, but maybe not too excited for what was to come…
  • Phase 3: Guard Rail
    • Dips IC x20
    • Derkins IC x10
    • Dips IC x15
    • Derkins IC x5
    • Mosey to bottom of hill
  • Phase 3:  Jackass Merkin (JAM) circuit
    • Run to top of traffic circle, JAMs x5
    • Run to top of hill/gate, JAMs x5
    • Run back down to the traffic circle, JAMs x5
    • Mosey back to start for Mary


  • 6in Hold
  • Box cutter IC x20
  • Flutter kicks IC x20
  • High to Low Plank Ring of Fire – 5 Count all around


  • Burpee Challenge for Charity at Battering Ram tomorrow


Sometimes we’ve just got to show up.  This is a crazy, unprecedented time and YHC is so glad to have F3 brothers supporting me and each other throughout.  You all inspire YHC with your kindness and generosity now more than ever.  Thank you!