Menage a Block

July 20, 2021

WHEN: July 20, 2021
QIC: Chum
PAX: Zook, Nacho Libre
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Dusted off an old workout that I haven’t done in well over a year.  Hopefully it’s a good as I remember.

Two awesome HIMs joined me in The Gloom, and we got to work.

Warm Up

  • Double-Time SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Michael Phelps
  • Good Mornings
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Pax Choice

Main Event – Block & Roll

Partner up.  Each team secures one cinderblock.  One man performs Block exercise while the other performs Movement; flapjack upon Movement partner’s return.

Perform each round twice (i.e., each man gets two sets of Block exercises and two sets of Movement per round).

Round 1:

  • Yanni Merkins (one hand on block, other hand on ground.  Do a good merkin.  Switch hand positions.  Do another good merkin.  Continue in alternating fashion)
  • Movement: Bear Crawl to cone (about 50 yards) and then run back

Round 2:

  • Blockees (Hold cinder block.  Drop down in perfect burpee style, do merkin with hands on block.  Do the groiner, return to standing, and clean & press block).
  • Movement: Lunge Walk (50 yards) and then run back

Round 3:

  • Block Swings (a la kettlebell swings)
  • Movement: Crab Walk (50 yards) and then run back

Round 4:

  • Squats while holding Block
  • Movement: Crawl Bear (about 30 yards) and then run back

Round 5:

  • Overhead Press Block
  • Movement: Backwards Lunge Walk (30 yards) and then run back

Round 6: (Due to time constraints, only did one set of block & movement)

  • Curls with Block
  • Walk Crab (30 yards) and then run back



  • Slow Freddie Mercury
  • Stretches


  • Big congrats to Buzzbait on birth of child!



Yesterday at work, I got to talking a colleague about good sermons.  Somehow, in a span of probably less than five minutes, we went from sermons, to Ted Lazzo, to goldfish (seriously).  But before we derailed, we both were talking about similar sermons that focused on the challenges of life.  Life is hard.  Perhaps life is supposed to be hard.  It is ‘the hard’ that molds us into better men.  So, while it’s natural to get frustrated, upset, depressed, despondent over the myriad of obstacles we face on a continual basis, try and take some time to ‘reframe’ these challenges as events that will strengthen, mold, improve you.  Aye!


Moleskin – Supposedly, goldfish only have a memory of around ten seconds.