“Make it Up as we go along”

  • When: 09/09/19
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Meatloaf, Pusher, Nubbin, Cortes, Halfback

5 Pax joined YHC in the foggy morning gloom to hit the bricks and travel around Waterstone and Durham Tech. YHC volunteered late Sunday to take the Monday morning Q at The Rock and woke up this morning without a hard and fast plan. YHC knew that there are a lot of heavy workouts planned this week with the 9/11 stair climb and week two of the Iron Pax Challenge. And so, it was decided at 05:29 that the main event this morning would be on the “lighter” side and incorporate a modest amount of running and a few Burpees…

After a brief warm-up at the traffic circle, the Pax began running back up College Park Road, towards the Durham Tech campus. We stopped at every intersection (5) for 5 jump squats and 5 burpees, finally arriving at the top of the park and ride. After a quick breather, the Pax performed “Elevens”, starting with 1 BW squat and 10 Carolina dry-docks on the other side. After completing the ME, the Pax stopped for a short round of MARY, and then made our way back to the Waterstone Pool Ricky Bobby style. Thanks to Pusher’s suggestion, we finished the morning’s workout with 10 final burpees.

Prayers for Cortes’ mother-in-law

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