Leg Day: Low and Slow

March 23, 2020

WHEN: March 23, 2020
QIC: Cortés
PAX: Nubbin, Busch League, Gilligan
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Leg day: low and slow pyramid 

Warmup: OYO

3 exercises “only” start with 10 reps, descend down to 1 rep each then back up to 10 reps of each.

  1. Kneeling leg extensions: start in “Tall kneeling” on your knees up tall with straight back, maintain straight back and lean backward as far as you can keep good form then return to start. That’s one rep
  2. Slow squat (down for 3 count) then tuck jump
  3. Bonnie Blair’s (jump lunges) right then left, that’s one rep

Mary: pick your poison 2 min plank or 50 plank jacks