Keep Calm and Taper On

  • When: 02/20/18
  • QIC: Grunge
  • The PAX: Horny Toad, As-Is, Wreckless, Grunge
  • A wise man once said, “Before you criticize, you should walk a mile in their shoes…that way, by the time you are done criticizing them, you are a mile away and you’ve got their shoes.”
  • Alarm goes off, guy quietly gets out of bed so as to not disturb his sleeping wife. He quickly gets dressed, grabs a cup of coffee, then heads out into the gloom ready to hit the trails. Soon after he hits the trail head, it starts dumping rain, like cats and dogs epic rain. He would usually just soldier on, but today, he just wasn’t feeling it, so he heads back home, quietly undresses and gets back in bed with his wife. He snuggles up to her and says, “Crazy weather, some kind of storm blowing in.” Wife snuggles back and whispers, “Yeah, and my dumb *ss husband is out running in it.”

It’s my taper week.

Picked up Horny Toad and As-Is, then headed to the AO to find Wreckless in his truck. Fist bumps, warm greetings. Crazy fog, could barely see. Even with headlamps, all you could see were mist droplets floating in and out of the beam. Warm, too. Like a steam sauna. Undeterred, we got to work. A couple quick fellowship laps around the parking lot, then a series of dynamic stretches (leg swings, forward and side to side, knee ups, reverse lunges, air squats, good mornings, etc.). Warm and limbered up, we headed down to the trail head at the top of Great Ridge. Plan was to run Pokesberry to Catullo Run, cross the bridge then hit the Bennett Mountain single tracks under the powerline to the mountain bike skills course and back. On the return, we would hit more single track. Then, we would hit one of my favorite stretches up on top of Bennett Mountain, through the boulder fields. Rock hopping, stump jumping, zero visibility, fun as hell. Plan went off without a hitch. Got back to the AO with about 5 minutes to spare, time enough for a series of plank holds (standard, right arm/left leg out, left arm/right leg out, really work the core stabilization muscles, right arm high, left arm high, low plank hold, standard to finish). 4.3 Miles. Great fellowship. Good times.

No announcements.


I took us out in prayer.

  • What do you call a runner who runs in front of a car? Tired.
  • What do you call a runner who runs behind a car? Exhausted.

Thank you, gents. Awesome work out there this morning. Really appreciate the support and the fellowship. Aye!



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