It’s About Choice

June 17, 2019

WHEN: June 14, 2019
QIC: Rudy (Respect!) – Metal/Grunge – Boot Camp
PAX: Singlet, Spooky, Ranger Rick, Homes (Respect!), Kevin!, Oxy, Cousin Vinny, LoPair, Poser, Stevie Ray (Respect 3x!), B&B (Respect!), Zika, Half Nelson, Scully, Rebar, Cheeseteak, Manafort (Respect!), Sweet Peas, Turnpike (Respect!)
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So, I am really loving the recent decision to offer choices at the So Village workouts. PAX can choose either a traditional boot camp style workout, or opt for a strength training circuit. Coz, really, who doesn’t like choice? Choice is good. Choice is right. Choice is freedom. Choice is the American way.

Beautiful morning. 57 degrees. Perfect conditions.

eine Minute Warnung


WARM UP (Led by YHC)



Ninja Complex (Inchwork –> Plank –> Merkin –> Right Foot up to Right Hand –> Right Arm High –> Plank –> Left Foot up to Left Hand –> Left Arm High –> Plank –> Reverse Inchworm –> Low Squat –> BW Thruster), x5

After warm up, PAX could choose between two workout options this am: (a) a heavy metal w/o led by Rudy or (b) a boot camp w/o led by YHC.

MAIN EVENT (Strength Train: Rudy Q)

Rudy led 6 PAX in a heavy metal workout. Plan was for Tabatas, 40 seconds on, followed by 20 seconds rest. PAX cycled through 7 Stations of Pain.

  1. Bent Over Rows, Right Arm
  2. Kettle Bell Swings
  3. Bent Over Rows, Left Arm
  4. Ruck Sack Presses or Overhead Hold
  5. Kettle Bell Clean and Press Overhead
  6. Ruck Sack Goblet Squats
  7. Exercise Ball WWIIs or Slams


Led 13 PAX to basketball courts. Everyone grab some line at the inside edge of the courts. We will be going out and back the width of the court using various means of travel.

Da Rulk

  1. Bear Crawl – Out; Crawl Bear – Back
  2. Side Plank Crawl, Left – Out; Side Plank Crawl, Right – Back
  3. Side Gorilla, Left – Out; Side Gorilla, Right – Back
  4. Single Jump Squat + Broad Jump – Out; Triple Jump Squat + Broad Jump – Back
  5. Single Groiner + Prisoner Hops (x5) – Out; Triple Groiner + Prisoner Hops (x5) – Back
  6. Traveling Step Thrus – Out; Triple Criss Cross + Front Gorilla (x5) – Back
  7. Crab Walk – Out; Walk Crab – Back

Led PAX to the Hockey Rink. Everyone line up at the far north end. We will be performing a set of 7 exercises, 7 reps each, then sprinting to the far end of the rink. We will do this for a total of 7 rounds.

Magnificent 7

  1. Burpees
  2. Dive Bomb Merkins
  3. BW Squats
  4. V-Ups
  5. Jump Lunges (R+L = 1 Rep)
  6. Chilcutt Kicks (R+L = 1 Rep)
  7. Diamonds

Sprint length of rink. Plank hold.

Finished final round right on time. 0625 – Head back to StartEx for Mary.

MARY (Led by Rudy)

  • Scissor Kicks, x30 IC
  • Box Cutters, x20 IC
  • Ring of Fire In Plank, 2 Merkins Each (with last few folks performing Clap Merks)

0630. Time called. Strong work by all!



  • Ragnar Relay Carolinas, Sat/Sun 10/5-6, 2019, Alice Springs Close Greenway (45 Min outside of Charlotte). F3Churham currently has 3 Ultra Teams and a 2 Regular Teams. Slack Channel: Ragnar2019.
  • Join Zika for his farewell Q and Post @ #Bastille next Friday before he takes off for Malawi.
  • Prayers for Quicken’s father who is currently in the hospital



Rudy took us out in prayer. Thankful for F3 and for opportunities to pass on the tradition, especially to our future generations. Grateful to have grandson Half Nelson join this am. Always strive to be the best that you can be. Be here to support Zika’s goodbye Q next week. Aye!

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!