I Don’t Find This Stuff Amusing Anymore

  • When: 09/10/19
  • QIC: Cosmo
  • The PAX: Pallino [RESPECT], Boucher, Cardiac, Wreck It Ralph, Lone Ranger, Clipboard, Castaway, Awesome Baby, Pikachu, Swamp

YHC did terribly in the Iron PAX Challenge last week, and admittedly didn’t handle it very well. To be very candid, sometimes get frustrated with lack of progress after over a year of this stuff.
With the Q this week at The Piranha, felt it was a good chance to mitigate this unpleasant feeling by leading a deconstructed version of Iron PAX Challenge Week 1. Wanted a shot at redemption, in hopes of avoiding the unwelcome fate of becoming a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard.

As it turned out, even with more breaks and stuff, YHC struggled about as much the second time around. Got some really good work in though, and hopefully everyone was as good and smoked as YHC was, or close to it.

Standard stuff, made it snappy. Mosey to Blacktop.

-5 burpees oyo, 10 burpees oyo, 10 burpees oyo, broad jump to far end of blacktop
-10 burpees oyo, 15 burpees oyo, Bearcrawl blacktop
-50 jump lunge SC, Broad jump blacktop, Bearcrawl back, WWII X 50 oyo
-WWII X 50 oyo, Jump lunge X 30 SC, Broad jump half blacktop, Jump lunge X 20 SC, Bear crawl rest of blacktop,
WWII X 50 oyo
– 10 burpees oyo, broad jump to half, 10 burpees oyo, bear crawl rest of the way, 10 burpees oyo
-5 burpees oyo, 14 jump lunge, 5 burpees oyo, 12 jump lunge, 5 burpees oyo, 12 jump lunge, 5 burpees oyo, 12 jump lunge – Broad jump blacktop, bear crawl back.
-Mosey to picnic tables, 14 burpees, mosey to front of school, 12 burpees, mosey to startex, 24 burpees oyo

TOTALS: 150 each of burpees, jump lunge and WWIIs, along with travel modes, a la Week 1. It was boring and bad, but hopefully will yield benefits.

Last day to order Bull Shirt is tomorrow. Get on it.
9/11 Stair Climb at Kenan. Be there at 0500 for Beano workout, if so inclined. Walking into Kenan at 0545. Stair climb starts at 6. Usually over about 6:30-6:45.
Tobacco Road is starting at 0515 Thursday to leave enough time for PAX to complete Week 2 of Iron PAX, which looks like a bear.
YHC asked for prayers for challenging but necessary change in personal life. Will share more down the road.

Could have used Floyd mumblechatter today. Props to the PAX for slogging through. Promise to bring some more levity to next Q. Honor and privilege as always. SYITG.

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