“How hot and wet do you like it?”

  • When: 05/16/18
  • QIC: Boyardee
  • The PAX: Hickory, Rambler, Fieri, Marky Mark, Goat Cheese, Zook, Griswold, Germ, Nanu Nanu, John Boy, GTL, Mothman, Dueling Banjoes, HAL, Stubbs, Duplo


The morning was hideous. It was so humid and hard to breath. What a genius idea to run a few miles, with weight vests, to do as much murph as possible and run back to the AO. YHC was gassed and dehydrated before a Q. Time to dig deep and deliver a beat down, they came for a show so lets give it to them.

18 PAX faced the stifling weather. The kind of morning that makes you short of breath and drenched in sweat just with the mosey to the circle.



invisible jump rope x30

Windmills x10

Arm circles x 20

Plank stretches

Merkins x 10


Main course:

Plank walk the wall from one end to the other. 1 lap and repeat.

Mosey to the parking lot,

Paula Abdoul (bear crawl 2 spaces 2 merkins, crawl bear back 2 squats) Continue to 10

To the Stage

3x box jump burpees up the stage to 9. Sprint the field.

30 dips, 20 Irkins


Bear crawl inch worm the field


American hammers x30

Heels to heaven x 30

LBC x 30

Flutter kicks x 30

squats x 20




Respect your teachers. Try to give them as much faith as possible that they are doing the best they can with your precious snowflake. Be a good parent and support your childrens’ teachers.

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