How do you go to the bathroom in a Tower Crane

March 18, 2021

WHEN: 03/18/2021
QIC: Swamp
PAX: Scapula, Floyd, Transfer Portal, MLP, Castaway, Count Chocula, Weed & Feed, Cardiac, Cosmo, Whoudini, Pallino, Knope, Bellhop, Boucher, Swamp
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On most large construction sites the Tower Crane is the focal point.  It’s a beast of a machine, and once it’s up and running, it almost never stops working.  At a cost of $35,000/month there can be little downtime.   Today 15 PAX headed  into the gloom to get a taste of how hard this piece of equipment works.   Based on the moans and groans I’d say most of the PAX have a new found respect.    

Warm up

IW x 10 IC

SSH x 20 IC

LBAC x 10 each way

Car DD x 20

Grab med size rock, carry overhead and meet at circle on field.

ME – Erecting the Tower Crane, each round we add an exercise, aka an escalator.   

10 burpees and then a sprint around the field.

Add 20 ‘merkins,  (optional 10 left foot high, 10 right foot high)

30 American hammers w rock,

40 Air squats,

50 LBCs (w rock optional)

With rock above we moseyed over to the retaining wall.

30 curls

Cosmo, rightfully so, calls out Q for having a baby rock,

30 rows

Q swaps rocks with Cosmo

30 tricep curls

Was a good reminder that we are here to push each other and hold each other accountable. YHC was thankful for the call out and knew Cosmo meant it to be a motivator.   It worked!

Mary – barely time left but we managed to get in a MC ring of fire.


Thanked the big guy for allowing us to continue to strengthen our minds, bodies, and sprit through this great F3 community.

Our thoughts are with Boucher’s  friends dealing with cancer, Floyd’s Dad, Ron, who is thankfully on the road to recovery, and w Bellhop as he faces some big life changing decisions. It was a gloomy morning but relatively dry from above, be careful this afternoon as some nasty weather is rolling in with possible tornadoes.

We should also be mindful, safe and vigilant about Covid.  With light at the end of the tunnel it’s easy to become complacent.  Let’s all lead by example in our communities with best practices.