Holy $h1t: More Merkins

  • When: 08/09/19
  • QIC: Fieri and Bright Idea
  • The PAX: GTL, Duplo, Stinky Pete, RG3, Bump Draft

August is Gambling month with Mystery Q’s all month long. YHC has a fun month planned and had a few ideas as well. Off we go.

SSH x30 IC
Slow Merkins x10
Imperial Walkers x10
Willie Mays Hayes x10
Warmup Lap

Dips x50
Mosey back to the parking lot where YHC revealed the first game: BlackJack

PAX divided into two teams that then played each other. First card dealt face up. PAX must do an exercise and reps according to face value.

Clubs = WWIIs
Spades = Plank Jacks
Hearts = Merkins
Diamonds = Jump Squats

Winning team got 5 burpees, Losing team got 10 burpees.

Horse Racing
PAX raced two at a time. Length of the parking lot crab walk down, bear crawl back. The rest of the PAX lined up (in plank position) behind the ‘horse’ they thought would win.

YHC revealed the Roulette wheel next. Each PAX took turns spinning the wheel.

0-12 Red = Burpees x2
0-12 Black = Burpees
13-24 Red = Merkins x2
13-24 Black = Merkins
25-36 Red = Squats x2
25-36 Black = Squats

After a ridiculous number of merkins and squats, YHC decided to switch back to BlackJack for the last 10 mins.

LBCs x10

YHC likes to include games in the workout as it really adds an interesting dimension to the workout and pushes PAX to work that much harder. Also, in the last few days before school starts be sure to spend some time with your 2.0s. Aye!

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