He Hate Shoulders

  • When: 10/10/19
  • QIC: My Little Pony
  • The PAX: Wet Willy, Yurt, Stop Drop and Roll, Barksdale, TB

Good to be back at OCL this morning. A top notch site with two even better co-Q’s. When YHC saw that both SDR & TB were in attendance, he knew it was going to be a good day.


SSH X 20

IW X 15

GM X 10

WMH X 10

Slow Merkin x 10

MC x 20

Mosey over to the playground for the first round of targeted exercise.

Deconstructed burpee pyramid – drop down for one merkin, pop up to feet for one body weight squat, jump up to rings and complete one pull-ups. Repeato with 2 reps of everything. We did this all the way up to 7 and then back down again. It was a lot of pull-ups. Shoulders were irritated.

Mosey over to the big hill. Partner up for some Dora.

Round 1 – partner sprints up hill to stop sign and back down, other partner completes stationary exercises and flap jack until pair completes the cumulative totals of: 100 merkins, 200 air squats, 300 overhead claps. Shoulders were perturbed.

Round 2 – move starting point up the hill to first light post. Partner backwards run to second light post and mosey back down while other partner completes stationary exercises and flap jack until pair completes cumulative totals of: 50 hand release merkins, 100 jump squats, 150 Moroccan nightclubs. Shoulders down right angry at this point.

Mosey back for Mary

American Hammer x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20

60 second 6-inch plank hold


The Bull, F3 picnic 11/16 – sign up sheets for both on slack.

Rameses will be moving start time back 15 minutes to 0530 starting next week 10/16. Workout will still be 45 minutes long and end at 0615. No more time excuses, sign up to Q the new 0530 start!

Shot out to XFL and Panther legend Rod “He Hate Me” Smart

YHC took us out.

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