“Gut Check”

  • When: 03/07/18
  • QIC: Golden Pinky
  • The PAX: Rambler, Boyardee, Bright Idea, Chum, Closer, Duplo, Eddie the Eagle, Germ, Gomer, GTL, Hickory, Marky Mark, Nanu Nanu, Stinky Pete, Zook


With Power Week at The Big House wrapped up last week, YHC was a little bummed we hadn’t dedicated more time towards our core to ensure we all had our beach bodies at their peak and ready in time for summer. Even with temperatures dipping back into the 40’s and 50’s this week, YHC is still certain that summer is coming and wanted to leave no doubt that the men of F3 were prepared to face the sun in shirtless confidence (whenever the sun decides to show its face again, that is).

Flenderson made a surprise appearance and joined Rambler and YHC for a little extra credit before the main event. After a 2-mile ruck around the streets of Briar Chapel, Boyardee joined the party for some Murph training and a medley of pull-ups, push-ups and squats. Whether it was the prior obligations he faced back at home or YHC’s foreshadowing of the festivities planned for the Main Event, Flenderson decided the time had come to depart The Big House.

After all of the EC activities commenced, 15 PAX were present for the Main Event.

The Warm Up

SSH (x38)

Willie Mays Hayes (x10)

Windmill (x10)

Forward Arm Circles (x9)

Reverse Arm Circles (x9)

The Thang

Parking Space Tracer – PAX broke into 2 lines and traced a section of The Big House parking lot by running to the curb, side-shuffling the width of the parking space, and running backwards to the start of the next line. We commemorated each space traced with a burpee (13 spaces, 13 burpees).

Mosey to the corner of Briar Chapel Parkway & North Serenity Hill Circle (bottom of the hill).

Hill Sprint & Shuffles – To celebrate the beginning of March Madness, the PAX ran a fast break (sprinted) up to the top of the hill, scoring the (imaginary) go-ahead bucket with only seconds remaining. The PAX then closed out the game by running a seemingly endless full court press (zig-zag defensive shuffling) back down the hill. Our defense was stout and our opponent didn’t even attempt a shot.

Mosey to the grassy circle next to The Big House to circle up for Mary.


Mahktar N’ Diayes (x10)

Crunchy Frog (x20)

Captain Thor (x10)

Mountain Climbers (x20)

V-Up Roll-Ups or World War Z (x10)

LBCs (x20)

Downward Dog Crunch (x10)

Flutter Kicks (x20)

Gas Pump (x10)

Forearm Plank/Oblique Crunch (x20)

Merkin Ring of Fire (x5)


· The Gambler, Briar Chapel’s Inaugural CSAUP Event, will be commencing on March 24 at 0800 at The Big House. You do not want to miss the chance to gather with fellow F3 brothers to perform 5 bodacious workouts spread throughout Briar Chapel!


As a man, it’s so sad, yet so easy, to accept being friend-less and to go through life on an island with only your wife and kids to keep you company. Before F3, YHC had lived in Briar Chapel for 2 ½ years and hadn’t really made any friends or connections in the neighborhood. I posted at my first F3 workout because it seemed like an interesting way to change my workout routine (1st F). However, I was immediately hooked and have stuck with F3 because of the fellowship (2nd F). The friends and connections I have made during my time at F3 has been incredibly meaningful to me and this 2nd F has been even more impactful to me as I have joined the ranks of fatherhood. So thank you, men of F3, for the opportunity to lead you in our workout today, but even more so for the privilege of sharing in fellowship with you!

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