F3 Decathlon vs Vortex

March 25, 2020

WHEN: March 24, 2020
QIC: Rebar
PAX: Yanni, Spit Bucket, Duplo, Marky Mark
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Virtual Q – Covid-19

Warmups – On your own

On a challenge from Marsachino Virtual Q of Vortex we became a part of a timed showdown with the winner having $100+ donated to the school food program of the region

The Thang

Here is the workout/challenge. We have $100 (you are not required to participate monetarily) on the line with @maraschino (fka sprinkles) going to the winning team’s food nutrition program. F3 Decathlon. Each Pax has to do the whole thing twice. Each site will field a team of ten (or whatever we can muster). Each Pax will have their “event” (one of the exercises). During the second round, each site will have a Pax’s time count for the site total. (We will probably have to take multiple events)
100 SSHs
100 bear crawl strides
100 squats
100 overhead claps
100 lunges
100 Merkins
100 WW2s
100 SC mountain climbers
100 Monkey humpers
800M runSite with the lowest total time wins.
5 minute Floyd plank between rounds.

Good news, #thejag won the challenge: 20:07 to 21:58.

Donations went to https://refueltogether.com/pilot-program-pollard-middle-and-northwood-high/

vCOT – Thanks to all for doing your part in keeping this virus from spreading any further than it already has….if that means doing monky humpers for speed in your front yard by yourself as neighbors pass, so be it.