Escalating in new territory

August 24, 2019

WHEN: August 22, 2019
QIC: Knope
PAX: Banana Split, Coxswain, Funny Money, Low Tide, Nails, Pancake, Virginia Slim, Sherwin,
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Back from vacation and ready to get back to the school year routine, YHC decided I may as well get on a Q sheet or two. If you’ve not Qed, I highly recommend it. It feels good to give back to the PAX, its fun to do the exercises that you need to complement your workouts from the rest of the week, and you get Q strength to push yourself a bit more. If you want a back up or someone to CoQ for your first time, let any PAX that has Qed know, and they’d be willing to help you out. All week YHC took the clown car with Pancake. On this day, Virginia Slim joined us.

At 0530, we got started with the plan to mosey to a new spot not far from the Bullpen, that hasn’t been visited in all of the times I’ve been there. After the previous day’s scouting report, the field at Old North Durham Park (behind Central Park School and Hutchinson’s Garage) looked great, and ready for F3 use.

Warm Up

SSH x 25

IW x 15

WMH x 12

Harvester x 12

Batwing x 15 count

Mosey to the east side of Old North Durham Park

The Thang

After a quick introduction on where we were, and why a section of the field was closed off (to let the grass grow), we got started on a slow escalator.

Corner 1: 5 Burpees (6 Count Cadence)

Corner 2: 10 Slow Merkins, 5 CC Burpees

Corner 3: 15 Slow WW2s, 10 Slow Merkins, 5 CC Burpees

Corner 4: 20 Baryshnikov Squats, 15 Slow WW2s, 10 Slow Merkins, 5 CC Burpees

At the forth corner, we took a fellowship lap around the close mid section of the field. As with any good escalator ride, you need to come back down. We did the aforementioned exercises with one less in the sequence at each corner, until none were left. Mosey back to Startex.


Flutter Kicks x 30

Hello Dollys x 25

Heels to Heaven x 15

Superman Ring of Fire x 10 count


The Bullpen is looking for Qs, please sign up.

Baseball Game is coming up on 9/7, check out the Baseball Channel. Start time is 3:00 p.m.

The Bull is coming October 26th.

Prayers for Tater Tot, as his M has a procedure for melanoma.

Prayers for Nails co-worker. He is going through a rough time in life, and was mugged.

Nails took us out, with a great prayer for those in need and thanksgiving for all of the positive things we have in our lives. Great work Nails.