Downwind of Love

  • When: 02/14/20
  • QIC: Bump Draft
  • The PAX: Duplo, Marky Mark, Fat Cat, Goat Cheese, and Dr. Phil

How does a Q measure success? Is the PAX winded, angry, tired, etc.? It’s difficult to know the answer.

In the specific case of #thewall, I knew that my workout was at least partially successfully because Goat Cheese farted long enough and loud enough to clear out the picnic table area at 6:30 in the morning. Of course, we were all laughing, but I’ve seriously never experienced a fart that loud and pungent. I’m familiar with postpartum farting–and possibly Goat Cheese experienced a kind of partial second birth at #thewall.

We all riotously laughed–come on, I enjoy a fart as much as anyone, but I could eventually taste this thing. IT WAS AMAZING, and possibly sublime in a very practical way.

Image result for farting

Warm-up: Song choice: Billy Joel (Just the Way You Are) side note: Mary Mark prefers Adult Contemporary warm-up songs (you might call it weird, but I call insider knowledge)

Image result for billy joel

Penalty push-ups because no one wore red, except for me; other than that, SSH (x20) and the new hand-release military push-up;

ME: Duck and Weave Ricky Bobby; each PAX did so three times through (out of the AO)

I modified the DMC (from the F3 Exicon): The exicon is a great resource and no one is better utilizing it than Night Shift–seriously!

First Round: 4 lunges in cadence; 5 military-style hand-release merkins; 10 jump squats; crawl bear back to start

Second Round: 8 lunges in cadence; 10 military-style hand-release merkins; 20 jump squats; crawl bear back to start

Third Round: 12 lunges in cadence; 20 military-style hand-release merkins; 30 jump squats; bear crawl back to start

Fourth Round: 16 lunges in cadence; 30 wide-grip merkins; 40 jump squats

Lt. Dan to 15 squats; 15 military-style hand-release merkins

Mosy back to AO: 2 rounds dips and mountain climbers; This is when Goat Cheese blasted us; second and final set of mountain climbers completed away from the stink

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