Changing of the Guard

  • When: 02/14/20
  • QIC: Justice
  • The PAX: Justice, Chowda, Roach, Banana Split, Toolbox, Cat 5, Dalton, Green Egg, Lowtide, Dial-up, Blue Indian, Shake It, Magellan, Fresh Prince, Knope, Pancake, Happy Gilmore, Frozen Peas, Soda Popinski. (Iggy Pop and Happy Trees on Patrol)


SSH x20

Harvester x 20

Imperial Walker x10

Little Baby Arm Circles x12 

…and the Reverse x12

Mountain Climbers x 25

Slow count Merkins x 10

High kicks x10

Mosey to rear of Dashi!

The Thang

Dora: 50 Burpees, 75 Monkey Humpers, 100 Tuck-jumps

Mosey to lot behind Post office

Bear Crawl to parking lot to the exit sign

Johnny Dramas at the Armory Steps in Honor of Happy G! x50 

Mosey to the top of the Durham Centre Parking Garage

Step-ups 20 each leg OYO

Dips x15

Box Jumps 15 OYO

Derkins x 15

Step-ups 10 each leg OYO

Dips x10

Box Jumps 15 OYO

Derkins x 10

Follow Magellan…what?!

Mosey to back of Durham Arts Council

BTTW 5 count “ring of fire”

Mosey to CCB Plaza

My personal favorite: Jump Lung x10

Mosey to Startex


Flutter Kick x50

Hello Dolley x10 

Box Cutter x10

Russian Hammer x10


T-claps to Happy Gilmore for past leadership and Magellan for taking up post as so-site Q (with Knope).

The Wolf…Leap Day

2nd F  Feb 27(?) at Hunky Doorey on 9th st (DM soda for details)


Tragic death of Mike (soda’s subcontractor)

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