Dice Throwin’

  • When: 07/11/18
  • QIC: Nubbin
  • The PAX: Buffay, Cortez, Muzungu, Nickelback, Pusher, Toast McQueen and YHC (Nubbin)

I thought that I’d leave the morning’s workout up to chance while trying our a few new exercises.


Warm up

Happy Jacks (Five SSH in cadence followed by two squat jumps)
Combo clap (seal clap to overhead clap) in cadence
One legged two touches


the Thang

The PAX raced to see who could complete the following task first. To set up, two 35lb iron weights (hence forth referred to a “poker chips”) were placed in a parking space ten spaces down from the end of a row. Next the PAX moseyed around the lot looking for stones of adequate lifting-over-head size (see Moleskin for unfortunate aftermath for YHC). Once attained, they split into two groups. Each group was given a pair of dice and a Q-sheet with the following exercises:

2 – Man makers x15
3 – Carolina dry docks x 15
4 – Jump lunges x15
5 – Monkey humpers x15
6 – Gorilla humpers x15
7 – Squat Thrusts x15 (the stones came in useful here)
8 – Werkins x15
9 – Merkins x15
10 – Monkey squats x15
11 – Squat jacks x15
12 – Diamond merkins x15

Each group was tasked with rolling the dice three times and perform the three exercises corresponding to the roles. Once complete they sprint their assigned “poker chip”, move the chip down the row of spaces to the next adjacent parking space, and sprint back to the dice to repeat another round of roles/exercises. Which ever team moves their poker chip to the last parking space first wins.

Afterward, the PAX had to return their stones from whence they came. They first Cusacked them to the wall where each PAX counted to 10 while performing people’s chair and keeping the stone over their heads. Next, they performed 10 shoulder presses. Finally, they continued their progress back to the stone pile alternating from holding the stones over their heads, at eye level, and at chest level.

Once the stones were returned to their rightful place. The PAX cooled off with a fellowship jog around the High School and back to the starting point.



Mary included the following exercises:
Swimming Superman in cadence
Boxer Crunches
V-ups (thanks to Buffay)
WWI (thanks to Pusher)
And an extended gut-busting, shoulder burning, round of plank of fire (thanks to Toast)



Prayers for all of the PAX travelling soon as well as for their families.
Also, prayers for Buffay and his M, as they prepare for a new baby!



YHC had high hopes for this morning’s exercises, but thanks to my eyes being too big for my body when selecting the appropriate stone for the squat thrusts, and the resulting sprained back, YHC had to take everything at half speed. I hope to join you all again next week as I let my back rest for a few days.





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