Bear-Stille Yo Face

September 21, 2018

WHEN: September 21, 2018
QIC: Grunge
PAX: Stevie Ray (Respect!), Moore, Horny Toad, BnB (Respect!), LoPair, Pookie (Respect!), Sweet Peas, As Is, Turnpike (Respect!), Singlet, Cousin Vinny, Homes (Respect!), Cheesesteak, Cauliflower, Smokes, Harlequin, FNG ADell, Trickle, Manafort (Respect!), Poser, Eddie The Eagle (Respect!), Kevin, Deep Dish (Respect!), Goat Cheese (Respect!), Grunge
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Every time I see Southern Village on my calendar, I get a warm giddy feeling inside. It’s like my Happy Place. It’s like donuts and consensual sex. Even when it’s bad to the bone, it’s still hella good. Love the fact that you can expect a healthy number of “Respect!” brothers to show up. Let me tell you, these guys have been around the block a few times and they have seen some sh*t…so they got no time for your sh*t. You better be bringing your A game. I hope my sh*t was up to snuff this morning.

“We gonna have us a High Time. Livin’ the Good Life.” “And like I told you, what I said. [Bear-Stille] your face, right off your head.” (R. Hunter, x2)


6 PAX of Thoroughbreds hit the EC 5K. Strong work, brothers!

Greetings/Fist Bumps. Great to see so many friends I haven’t seen in a while. Good meeting a few new (to me) guys.

FNG this morning. Way to go, Harlequin! Gave a little Welcome Wagon Pep Talk to our newest brother.

One minute warning

0545. It’s Go Time.

FNG Intro + Disclaimer.

Welcome Singlet. Good to see you out this AM…and thank you for that spine adjustment!


  • Cracker Jacks (SSH alternating OH and Seal clap), x20 IC
  • Sun Gods (x-Large AC), F/R, x10 SC
  • Michael Phelps (Bent Over Wings), x10 SC
  • Napoleon Dynamites (Side to Side Shuffle + Reach Downs), x10 IC
  • Hindu Squats (Straight Back Squat + Full Row), x10 SC
  • Bunny Hop Burpees (2 Bunny Hops at the bottom of your squat + Leg Kick Out), x10 IC


Mosey to the Southern Community Park fields. Had the PAX line up on one end of a soccer field. Introduced the first workout of the morning:

I. Facing The Giants

First Quarter

  • Bear Crawl 1/4 the distance
  • Perform the following: Air Squats, x10 SC, Merkins, x10 SC, and WWIIs, x10 SC
  • Sprint back to start
  • SSH AMRAP until everyone is back on the line

Second Quarter

  • Bear Crawl to midfield
  • Perform the following: Air Squats, x10 SC, Merkins, x10 SC, and WWIIs, x10 SC
  • Sprint back to start
  • SSH AMRAP until everyone is back on the line

Third Quarter

  • Bear Crawl 3/4 the distance
  • Perform the following: Air Squats, x10 SC, Merkins, x10 SC, and WWIIs, x10 SC
  • Sprint back to start
  • SSH AMRAP until everyone is back on the line

Fourth Quarter

  • Bear Crawl the entire length of the field to the opposite goal line
  • Perform the following: Air Squats, x10 SC, Merkins, x10 SC, and WWIIs, x10 SC
  • Sprint back to start
  • SSH AMRAP until everyone is back on the line

Once everyone got back on the line, we performed the following as a group:

  • Air Squats, x25 SC
  • Merkins, x25 SC
  • WWIIs, x25 SC

Had PAX count off into two groups and form two lines approximately 15 yards apart, creating a nice wide lane in between. Introduced our second workout of the morning:

II. Soul Train

We are all familiar with the Gauntlet. Well, that is not cool enough for this group, so what we are going to do is the Soul Train. One PAX from each line will travel the length of the lane in between as a pair using a specified mode of travel then takes their place at the end of their respective line. PAX in line will perform a specific exercise in time/rhythm with the traveling pair. We will run the train until everyone has had a turn running down the middle.

Train 1

  • Traveling PAX: Traveling Burpees (Broad Jump + Burpee)
  • PAX in line performs a Merkin along with the Traveling PAX
  • Plank while waiting on 6

Train 2

  • Traveling PAX: Lt Dans (Alt Leg Lunge + Air Squat)
  • PAX in line performs an Air Squat along with the Traveling PAX
  • LSH while waiting on 6

Train 3

  • Traveling PAX: Crunchy Frog Row (Traveling Crunchy Frog)
  • PAX in line performs WWIIs AMRAP while Traveling PAX runs the middle
  • WWIIs while waiting on 6

Once each PAX completed the final train, we performed the following as a group:

  • Merkins, x25 SC
  • Air Squats, x25 SC
  • WWIIs, x25 SC

Mosey back to StartEx for Mary


Circle up for the following:

  • Leg Lifts, x25 SC
  • LBCs, x25 IC
  • Flutter Kicks, x25 IC
  • Heels To Heaven, x25 IC
  • Scissors, x25 IC

Time called. 0630. Well done, brothers. You all “f*ckin’ shoved it in there like winners.” (h/t J. McCarthy)



  • Homes: Gave the group a bit of background on the Super Cooper Little Red Wagon Foundation. Truly, a beautiful and amazing cause with a heartbreaking history from one of our own, brother French Lick. The organization has raised over $700K for many families with children who are battling pediatric cancer at UNC and Duke Hospitals. The annual Super Cooper Rockin’ Run 5K & family fun festival takes place Saturday, September 29 @ 2PM, Southern Village Green. This is a really great family friendly event. Many F3 brothers and family attend each year. There is a kids fun run that takes place before the 5K and this year there will also be an option to ruck the 5K. Race information can be found at: Register here:
  • Singlet: Shared his gratitude to the F3 brotherhood and provided an update on his situation. Prayers to Singlet as he seeks a new place to live and to rebuild. So grateful that you came out this morning, brother.


  • Welcome brother ADell (that’s right, with a capital A and capital D)! Brother Harlequin brought an FNG out this morning, who in his intro informed the group that he works in tech with Dell Computer. Oh, wow. We needed to reach back, way back into the 5.25″ 160kb floppy disk memory stores of the mind for this one. Office Space jumps to mind…but one genius in the group pulled good ol’ Ben Curtis out of his back pocket. Yup, you young’ens need to do a YouTube search and find the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy. Even though the moniker could be mistaken as a tie in to the Rolling In The Deep songstress, the true name and ref was a bit too tough to pass up. I mean, dude, this morning, we all got a Dell in the fam. Done.


YHC took us out. Thankful for the brothers of SV and my BC brothers who joined me this morning. Awesome group of guys out there. Shout out to all the F3 Churham brothers who rose to the occasion and came forward big time to help out all those in need this week. What an amazing inspiration you all are. Truly, an awesome group of HIM in this region. I am ever proud and grateful to stand among you all, my brothers. To have this fellowship, this brotherhood, it is a wonderful gift. I recall the time before I had F3 in my life, and it was an entirely different world. An isolated, lonely world. There are many, many brothers out there who live in that world today. Asked for guidance so that each of us may reach out and bring those who are in need into the fold. Thoughts and prayers to those who still battling the impact and are recovering from Hurricane Florence, and to Singlet as he starts anew, and to all of our brothers out there who are on the Injured Reserve list, including brother Dean Wormer. Prayers that all may recover and be back to 100% soon. Health, success, happiness and peace to all today and this weekend. Be well, my brothers. Until next time, aye!